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Crystal Grids


Oracle Journey - Rune Reading Guide


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Interacting with the Invisible 

Unify Your 4 Bodies


Festival of the Imagination

You Are The Creator!

Essentials for thoughts and teachings revealing the mind, and how it profoundly affects us. Included throughout this book is a system to aid in illuminating and activating so that the reader may unlock and begin to radiate their own unique energy signature. Within everyone there contains a giant of possibilities. Everyone CAN unlock their own unique energy signature.
IMAGINE... That you have just uncovered a mystery and the secrets contained within give you clarity and you say goodbye to confusion, frustration or hardship. There is an easy formula in attaining your goals or desires in any or all areas of life you choose.

Books For Increase


Heal Yourself

Guide and Index to Healing and Increase with Plants, Trees and Flowers. Including an A-Z of herbal remedies


Living in Two Worlds - Guide fot Out of Body Travel in The Astral Parent World


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Foretelling the Future with Tarot


Non-Verbal Alchemy

Understand Hidden Communication

When we are fortunate enough to discover truth of alchemical practices and obstruction of time, we can put this evidence into practice. Why? Because truth can and will only take us to a better life experience and help us attain long awaited desires. Alchemical practices have been used on us from the moment of birth and during our early development we were influenced with conditioned reasoning, beliefs and language. These verbal and non-verbal programs have been stored in our subconscious mind to involuntary drive our present outer results, and more importantly our life results; and for many they have been left to feel unwanted emotions, unfulfilled goals. Use this book to unveil your subconscious blocks. A better life experience awaits you. You ARE the Alchemist. More...

BONUS :  Free eBook - A to Z Dictionary of Gestures & Non-Verbal Cues with purchase

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming - Be in Control of Your Dreams and Your Life
Fantastic, bizarre, and even inconceivable things regularly occur in dreams; however, most people do not realize that there are explanations for their dreaming, nor do they realize that they can be in control of the results.
The domain of lucid dreams supplies a more immense stage, greater experiences, than average life for almost anything conceivable, from the frivolous to the sublime. You may, if you chose, enjoy an unworldly festival, zoom to the stars, or visit mystical lands. You may join those who are trying out lucid dreaming as a tool for problem resolution, self-healing, and personal maturation. Or you may research the implications of teachings from ancient customs and accounts from modern psychologists that indicate that lucid dreams may help you discover your deepest identity-who you truly are.  

Dream Decoder 

What Are Your Dreams Telling You!
Dreams can provide an insight into ourselves.  They can help us with situations we’re unsure about or guide us in a certain direction when faced with uncertainty.  
The dream state is a Divine guide and experimental playground which gives you a chance to explore and express emotions without the usual inhibitions you may display in your waking life. Dreams provide an avenue of expression for the part of yourself that knows both your history and your potential as a spiritual being.  They are another way the universe, or our Divine provides guidance about relationships, careers, and health problems. Through dreams you may find answers to your spiritual questions and even receive encouragement to some challenge in your life. Dreams unify the body, mind, and spirit. They provide insight into ourself and a means for self-exploration. In understanding your dreams, you will have a better discovery of your true self, your Divine self.  So, explore, enjoy, and discover what guidance is in your dreams!  More...

Bonus: Free eBook - A to Z Dream Decoder Dictionary with purchase


First Edition
A feel good fantasy introducing an exciting world of enchantment, brimming with Magic, mixing myth with larger than life imagination where pickwicks, snotlings and coblies roam free and doors hold conversations More...

MEDWIN’S ROOM - New Edition
Imagine your home has become a gateway to worlds that are beyond what you could possibly perceive and through this you meet an array of life forms and mystical creatures. Worlds mixing myth with larger than life imagination where pickwicks, leeching merrows, coltpixies and snotlings roam free, doors hold conversations and whole worlds are a fantastical experience. On holiday, the Jarrods fall head over heels in love with an old house. Captivated with its design, it is purchased on a whim and they have no idea what they are getting into-- only to discover their new home is bewitched and holds unbelievable secrets. Behind every door lies an abstract world of wonder where the family must use their wits and work together along with the aid of absent minded Topaz to unlock the riddle and rescue the home's former owner, Medwin Rune. More...

The Alchemy of Being Gracious

A practical guide through the other half of The Law of Attraction, The Law of Gratitude. Without applying this Law, you are only going to get half way there. It’s like trying to drive a car with only two wheels. This book gets down to the basics and explains why the Law of Gratitude is so important to manifest the life you want and how to bring about the changes to make the magic happen. It is designed as a quick and easy read so you can get straight to the point and begin applying the principles right away. See the power of using thought and feeling together, the magic of forgiveness and how non-resistance will reactivate the way you think. Based on ancient knowledge and modern principles this book guides you through the steps to understand the Law of Gratitude and how to apply it to make the Law of Attraction truly work the magic in your life. More...

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Heal Yourself - Guide & Index to Healing & Increase with Crystals 
Over numerous years our clients have asked for guidance as to what crystal they should use for their circumstance, therefore, we collaborated in creating a useful guide for others to do their own quick cross-referencing rather than going through lists of crystals to find a matching ailment. This compilation of conditions with reference to ideal crystals you can use for healing, transmuting and balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual body. This guide is treasured by many and has become a companion for healing and increase to all our readers. You have the power to heal and transmute unwanted energy and frequency that does not serve your abundance. Crystals are your companion to assist you along the way and this is your guide to collaborate with your companion. More...

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