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Escape the frequency clutter & reconnect with your Original Codes. 

High vibrational products to awaken & restore the Divine already inherent within You​. From Crystals & Gemstones, Organic Self-Care, Preservation, Protection and Healing products as well as a great range of Personal Increase Books

Crystal Kits

Kits for various Health & Emotional Conditions & the Zodiac More...

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Smudging & Protection

Kits to Transmute dense energies to create positive energy flow. More...


Crystal Balls & Shapes

A Variety of Crystal Balls, Eggs and shapes. More...

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Talisman & Fortune Bag

Fortune Talismans. Change your Wealth with the aid of a fortune bag. More...


Books for Increase

Books for Self Growth, Spirituality, Inspiration from Non fiction to Fiction & Children's books. More...

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A range of Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings & Pendulums. More...

Divine Healing Oils

Chakra & Custom Synergy Oils . Awaken, balance and regulate your energy centres. More...


Crystal Specimens

An Extensive Range from tumbles, roughs, faceted and clusters. More...

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Wands & Points 

A Range of Wands, Points, Terminators Obelisks, Generators & Logs  More...


Chakra Products

Gain Harmony with these Healing & Balancing Chakra jewelry. More...


Soap Nut Kits

A natural Multi- Purpose detergent. that frees dirt, grime, oils and they actually work!. More...


Crystals & Gemstones 

Discover the Magical Power of Crystals & Gemstones More...

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Organic Foot Bath Tea

Just like a tea bag in a cup.

This is for a foot bath. You can soak in it to absorb the benefits. More...

$11.00 Clear Quartz Geode small L 45 H 3

Clusters, Caves & Geodes

A Range of Clusters, Geodes, Roughs Caves & Slices  More...


Crystal Tumbles

Heal & Neutralize Dense Energy. From Amethysts to Zebra Marble  More...


Cleansing & Protection 

Cleansing, Purifying & Protection Candles. Create good flow. More...


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Crystals, Organic Self-Care, Preservation, Protection and Healing products More...

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