Ion Detox Foot Bath
A highly Effective detox that draws out harmful body toxins
Detox means to remove toxic substances, such as impurities or pathogens and free your body of harmful substances.
An ion is a charged molecule. that contains a positive or negative charge. Regeneration of the body understands what is natural and what is alien to the physiology. Our body due to the environment, acid ash foods, heavy metals and stress build up negative ions. This shows up as lethargy, physical illness of various kinds and it affects us emotionally. Due to a variety of influences in our environments such as pesticides, unnatural foods and pollutants, our bodies are always fighting positive ion influence. This then makes room for the negative ions to find homes in our body.
Just as magnets has two polarities where the Positive repels the Negative. A positive Ion expels the negative Ion. The body is a magnetic field; things such as magnet bracelets detects the negative polarity and helps to increase blood flow which increases oxygen, this is important healing.
An Ion foot bath is 'negative Ion therapy'. It picks up on the negative molecules residing in the body and draws out these harmful toxins as a magnetic. When toxins are expelled from the body it makes room for the natural regeneration to occur. 'You can't get to something if clutter is in the way, nor can it be repaired if it's weighed down with gunk.'
The Ion foot bath detoxifies the liver, kidney, bladder, urinary tract, prostrate, lymph, gallbladder and more, It also removes heavy metals. Toxins are eliminated through the soles of your feet. The water will change colour through the process, which is perfectly normal. These are the expelled toxins that have left your body. This helps prevent diseases and promotes longevity. Ideal for people with pain, gout, edema, skin rashes, thrush and More. Feel lighter & energised, the impurities in the body can weigh us down.
Note: Not recommended for people who have a pacemaker, metal plate or pin in leg, pregnant women, or those who are breast feeding.
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