Heighten Perception with Angelite

A symbol of angels as the name implies, a stone of awareness helping with clear, compassionate and truthful communication.

Angelite will help you speak your truth with compassion and acceptance while also helping to facilitate contact with the angelic realm as well as maintaining contact with everyday reality.

A beautiful pale blue in colour. Angelite, a member of the Gypsum family is sourced from several countries such as Mexico, Peru and even Egypt.

A powerful healing stone with the ability to heighten perception, attunement and also provides protection for the environment or the body. If you feel nervous or stressed and have a tendency to be short tempered, then carry an Angelite with you. This stone will bring you back into alignment by unblocking the meridians and energetic pathways; resonating with the throat chakra, bringing balance to the thyroid by alleviating inflammation.

On a spiritual level, being a compassionate crystal it has the ability to transmute pain and negativity thus opening the path for healing and spiritual inspiration. Angelite can be worn as a talisman especially during meditation or Yoga; what a great conduit to connect with your Angels and spirit guides, to bring out the inner YOU!


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