Apache Tears

One cannot help but feel a hint of mystery and intrigue behind the name Apache Tears, a member of the Obsidian family of black volcanic glass that differs with a rough appearance from exposure through the air. They are indeed named after the Apache Indian tribe from Arizona U.S.A.

The legend has it that on a cliff in the mountains known as Apache Leap overlooking where the town of Superior now stands, a group of 50 Apache warriors were trapped by cavalry soldiers from Camp Pinal. With no desire to surrender, the remaining 25 of these proud Apaches chose to leap off the cliff to their deaths.

The surrounding area is abundant with Apache Tears also known as Marekanite whereby the distraught Apache women for a full moon wept for their dead. It is said that whoever owns an Apache Tear will never have to cry again as the Apache women have shed their tears on your behalf.

These are powerful healing stones if you are feeling grief and emotional stress, with an inherent ability to overcome depression. The vibration is soft and gentle with an allowing to reach a state of self realization due to It’s grounding and protection abilities.
By recognising our sorrow we have a connection with all people who have grieved before us and acknowledging that it is ok to grieve. Instead of avoiding pain we process it to gain a stronger resolve not only for ourselves but also as a guiding hand for others who are suffering. With the help of Apache Tears our grief can become our greatest spiritual teacher.

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