Are You Experiencing Low Emotions or Stress? It Could be Your Home

When we consider the energy, we put out and take in, and apply Feng Shui principles, we can discover that we have more control over our lives than we originally believed.

Feng Shui is our opportunity to direct the flow of energy in our lives as we choose. Everything around us is emitting its own energy code, known as frequency. The frequencies will influence your energy field and of your external outcome.

When an optical device scans an item code at a store, the register reads it and knows exactly what the details are and what the item is. Frequency works in much the same way. Only, your environment is the scanner, and the universe is the register providing the outcomes. Every part of your environment radiates an energetic vibration. This creates an energy field that connects you with the quantum field. The universe reads the energetic vibration to determine exactly what you and everyone living in that environment will attract. Fortunately, if your outcomes are not positive or attracting what you want, you can change them by using the principles of Feng Shui to bring certain frequencies into your own energy field and your outer experiences.

Feng Shui is a practice that involves balancing out the energy flow in your home. That’s the definition in a nutshell.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way- Einstein.

If there is negative energy in your home it can only return a negative outcome

and adversely affects your life.

With Feng Shui you can clear out old negative energy to create the opening for new energy to enter your life. When these principles are applied, blockages are removed, and everything comes faster. The Universe is opening the array of Abundance available to you, act on these opportunities and bring your desired outcomes to fruition.

Here are ways that your home may be contributing to negatively affecting your life:


Getting rid of old energies is essential to bringing in new, fresh, and abundant energy. Clearing out old papers, overflowing cabinets, and especially any visual clutter in your living spaces is a critical step to opening your space for new energy to arrive. Positive energy flow is blocked by clutter. When energy is blocked, it becomes stagnate and turns to negative energy. This results in stress, overwhelment, feelings of being disorganised, uncreative, tired, anxious and burdened. Energy is all around us, all the time, the clutter is a clutter of energies. Emotions become a lower frequency, and this can lead to depression. It can also attract dense entities. That is why one of the main principles of Feng Shui is that you must de-clutter your home. It’s important to remember that getting rid of the old makes way for the new.

By creating space in your home, it makes way for the new flow of positive frequencies. Energetically, decluttering is letting go of the past is Forgiveness as is letting go of things that have negative connections or no longer serve a worthwhile purpose. Because the Universe exists in perpetual transmutation whatever is released makes space and space must always be filled, particularly with positive replacements.

Start by clearing out everything that doesn’t need to be there, unload it. Declutter your cupboards, drawers or sheds. In order to get new things in your life you must release old things. Look around your home. Let go of Failure. If you have relationship problems, let go of things, letters, postcards, cards, pictures and items that are representing lack of harmony in relationships. If you have financial problems, let go of things, papers, files, pictures and items that are representing lack of financial abundance. Let go of anything representing your old business adventures, projects or jobs, that didn’t work out for you, even study programs you never completed. Let go of everything representing your previous experiences that didn’t work out for you. Put them all in a box and store it somewhere to tell the universe there is space for a renewed success. Release it all. If you do not have much time to clean and clear presently, place in closed spaces, or boxes and cover the boxes with beautiful fabrics. When clutter is visible, your sub conscious mind sends a message of chaos to the universe.

Sometimes it can be challenging to get rid of things that we don’t need, but in doing so, we free up more of our energy to devote to the things we want. If you resist letting go of items because you spent money on them, then consider selling them. You can hold a garage sale, list them online. If you still hold onto any items of ended experiences, then you are holding on to old energy patterns that block your energy moving forward and your resistance is indicating lack and limitation, and you are not ready to move forward to your desired future. Even holding onto things for a later date, or just in case is indicating lack and limitation, as well as inviting some adversity to occur.

Here are some examples;

When we apply the best quality make-up this will not help the skin look healthy in the long term. If the skin is not cleansed and taken care of properly by using the correct procedures and products such as cleansers and good foods it will not stay vibrant and healthy. It also invites conditions to amplify unhealthy skin. When we hold on to the baggage from old relationships, they tend to carry over into new relationships, and this causes issues in the new relationship. If you were with someone for a period and they cheated on you, you may carry the belief that you have been burnt in this way, so you have built up resistance to complete trust and faith. This can spill over to your new partner and, even if they are not cheating, sometimes you feel there may be something they are not telling you. And it causes a fight until eventually you break up. It’s the same concept with clutter in your home. If you carry all that old clutter around, there is no room in your life for new things to prosper. Abundance will pass you by because you’re too busy holding on to lack and clutter.



The entryway is the mouth of Qi also known as life energy where opportunities enter. An entryway that is clean and appealing allows energy to flow into the rest of your home and this opens the space for organisation to take hold everywhere, including the organised flow from the Universe. Keep entry clean and unobstructed. Ensure the entrance to your home is neat and tidy. Place a furniture, objects or a favorite framed art piece, not too much though. If you enter through clutter and chaos, then you carry clutter and chaos into the world. Remove any obstructions including shoes, place them elsewhere or in a box. Ensure your entrance feels welcoming: is clean and tidy. The first thing you see when you open the door sets the tone for the entire home. If you enter through clutter and chaos, then you carry clutter and chaos into the world.


Keep things and environment clean, organised and in working order. Broken things are no longer the frequency they began as. This can invite more broken things including broken relationships, all of which can create a sense of despair or a needy attitude. It indicates a sense of being broke. Clothing with holes, jammed drawers, clogged drains, even a piece missing of a statue affect the positive energy flow. Repair, or remove what is broken or not working. You can even get creative and transform anything into something else. Hand created things begin as a new positive change in energy.


Ensure you have enough fresh air in your environment along with a water feature to activate the water flow, this is for a flow of prosperity. Open windows and place some plants. Plants purify the air by absorbing toxins and electrical pollutants. Tall or larger plants with rounded leaves are better. Smaller plants can appear as clutter, rounded brings in a good circular flow. Also place crystals around your home. Selenite is a wonderful crystal for purifying the environment. Tourmaline is great for absorbing negative energies.


Clutter and dense energy gather in shadowy areas. Lack or dim lighting can attract negative entities, particularly in dark corners where dense frequency gathers. This impacts on your moods and can create low emotional states where you feel unmotivated, heavy or lethargic. Shining light on potential dump spots can prevent occupants from piling negative emotions and attracting clutter. Ensure areas are highly visible. Open your window dressings, light your environments with lamps or candles, ensure the living areas of your environment are well lit, particularly the corners.


Northwest is our general supportive luck and friendships. West is the direction for help from the Heavens. Avoid placing fire elements here such as candles. If a fireplace is in these directions place a water bowl near it. Place wind chimes, bells, Terracotta or ceramic items to invite the energies to flow. Crystals such as Angelite, Clear Quartz, Celestite or Apophillite work well here. Avoid placing wastebaskets, clutter, or yard waste in these corners because the accumulation creates density and slows the flow of positive energy.


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