Ascension the Great Awakening: Are You OK

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Headaches, back pain, ear ringing, dizziness and/or exhaustion. You may be Ascending

What Is Ascension?

The word ascension means: the act of ascending or ascent; to be risen up or to climb. The Ascension that is being experienced across the globe is the rising and acceleration of vibrational energy through a metaphysical system. As these vibrations raise and speed up our awareness expands and this creates a shift in consciousness. What once pleased us no longer triggers a response, our preferences change and the way we view life changes too.

An expanding awareness means that the true nature of our unique being, or Higher Self is surfacing strongly and guiding our choices. Beliefs, ways of living, habits and systems are having less influence over us. Our preferences are changing, as are the ways we choose to exist. The Ascension process is occurring on a Personal and Planetary level, and changes are being felt on all levels of your being including your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state

Ascension is a completely natural and evolutionary process. For multiplex centuries we have existed in what has been called the third dimension. This evolutionary process has already occurred twice before in the first and second dimensions and the time has arrived for the next phase of evolution; transitioning to the fourth and moving towards ascension to the fifth dimensional way of existence. As you shift in vibrational frequency, and as your awareness expands, your system, cells, and DNA codes are rebooting, being fine-tuned or upgraded. Old patterns begin to diminish, you start to embody much more etheric light and your intuitive inherent nature prompts you to question your old existence. This develops a more expanded awareness of who you are, and the collective reality that you are a part of. Your mind, body and spirit are tuning into a different radio waves, much like changing to another radio station on a different frequency band.

There is a lot of activity going on inside of you. These are activation codes and each person are affected with Symptoms such as: Dull headaches, lack of focus/motivation, difficulty completing tasks, heaviness, dry/red/runny eyes, sinus issues, unexplained nausea, lymph issues, thyroid issues, low immunity, lethargy/fatigue, sore throat, scratchy throat, tightness in the thoracic area, waves of grief, sneezing, erratic sleep patterns, very vivid dreams, past issues surfacing in memories, Sudden changes in body temperatures, head pressure, sensitivity of smell, Changes in vision, sensitivity to sound; buzzing/ringing in the ear. Unexplained weight gain or loss. Body tingles, itching, pinpricks; muscle spasms or twitches, dizziness, Aches & pains (especially in the joints, back, and in unusual places–such as the nose), unexplained anxiety/feeling overwhelmed. Anger, depression/sadness. Overly emotional/mood swings. Feeling disoriented and confused or increase in heart rate. For a more list of Ascension Signs and symptoms go here.

As you move through the Ascension process there may be periods where the energy and symptoms become much more intense for several days or weeks at a time; then suddenly cease for a while, or symptoms may abruptly change or shift in intensity or frequency. The ascension experience is different for everyone and symptoms can vary according to one's individual degree of awareness, personal vibration, spiritual practice, individual lifestyle habits, and even the soul's unique purpose on the planet during this time of great awakening.

Ascension symptoms can result in increasingly intense energies. While we are integrating these higher frequencies, the self-transformation embodies more of our soul essence, however, it can sometimes be a lot for our bio-systems to incorporate, causing temporary, uncomfortable side effects from the spiritual growth spurt. This is temporary, and it is a sign that you are on the right track. There are powerful crystals that can help you move through these symptoms with greater ease, speed, and grace Below are the crystals:

Sugilite- often referred to as the “Healer’s Stone” as it balances the energy within the mind, body, and spirit. It uplifts, fills one with divine energy and shields the energy field. Enhances one’s healing and psychic abilities. Protects the soul from shocks and trauma. Brings light and love to the darkest situations. Protect from negative entities and removes negative attachments

Kunzite- many are feeling anxious, worried, and overwhelmed as a result of the shifting energies. Anger, irritability, and mood swings are also prevalent, and it can be difficult to maintain your emotional balance. The vibration of this stone emits exceptional tranquility and naturally emits a calming energy that can counteract feelings of panic, worry, anxiety, stress, and anger. Kunzite balances your mood, while delivering loving, peaceful vibrations from the higher realms by amplifying channels or pathways for higher frequencies to enter your bio-energetic field for clearing and activation. Kunzite can help to clear depression, old emotional wounds, trust issues, and other patterns that block the full expression of the heart. If you are experiencing aches, pains, and stiffness in your body (especially in the joints), Kunzite can help to soothe and clear these ascension symptoms. It helps one to connect with divine joy to spread love on all levels. This stone integrates the Heart, Throat, Third Eye energy centers. chakras. Heals emotional blockages from the past/ heals your inner child. Promotes emotional balance. Enhances meditative state. Lift one’s mood to a higher degree

Bloodstone- strengthens and supports your physical body, energetic structure, and attitude. Known as the stone of the spiritual warrior, it will keep you grounded, present, vital, protected, in your power, and responsive to any challenge that intense energies might bring up. If you are feeling the effects of ascension symptoms mainly in your physical body, Bloodstone is a good choice for you. Bloodstone is a top level healing stone that detoxifies and fortifies many systems of the body. A stone of well-being and vitality, it strengthens the root chakra and physical energies. It is especially helpful if you are feeling fatigued, exhausted, and drained. It is known to help your bio-system integrate shifts in your energy field, especially surges of higher frequencies. As your body is aligning to the new energy, Bloodstone can have a balancing effect particularly when experiencing anxiety and disorientation. It can help to clear lower energy and emotional states that get stirred up in the process, such as anger, irritability, and fear.

Sodalite - ideal to assist with ascension symptoms related to mental, spiritual, or emotional imbalances. Sodalite stimulates the mental body and brings order and organization to energy, thoughts, and words. This makes it especially helpful in counteracting feelings of confusion or disorientation. It helps clear old, rigid thought patterns to open your mind, while shifting your mental body into greater alignment with higher truth. It also sharpens your psychic vision and intuition, and expands your spiritual awareness.

Pietersite- Known as the Tempest Stone, its highly charged energy is almost tangible. Just as lightning clears the air and makes all things new, Pietersite discharges negative energies and emotional turmoil, and cleanses the aura, restoring it to calm.

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