Can You be the Observer?

Many of us have already felt the shifts within ourselves including how we view the world around us and what our preferences are.

We are going through a through a transformational process, a Divine plan what many call the Ascension Process. Deeper thinking and thought process is occurring where we are reevaluating our purpose and what we feel is important from that of the past and of the future through recognition and reorganization of internal values, beliefs, associations and replicated behaviors are dissolving, no longer habits that serve us.

Along with an influx of activated frequency activity we are feeling a multitude of symptoms as we move to an existence of a higher vibratory self. The months ahead will have us in similar thought patterns along with the awakening symptoms. This is necessary to bring about the necessary changes for our understanding of BEing.

The more we observe and reflect on the inner structure of our Being and how we exist only as a collective of Beings that come from the same source, we will continue to experience much change inside our mind’s eye where all the information flows to us. This is the informational pathway that has been blocked for a multitude of centuries and kept us as habitual fish in a bowl. The portal will begin to unblock information required for journey to a higher state of Self.

It is important to be the observer from within and to see how you appear on the outside. This is by observing your actions and emotions, on a moment to moment basis, to understand why and where these are coming from. This is Self-mastery. Being able to understand the reason behind your responses and disassociates you in the moment of observation where you can determine if these feelings, beliefs or thoughts play any part in your life experience.

This enables you to release various triggers that have been ingrained in the subconscious mind, that do not belong to your unique self and only belong in a three dimensional existence where flaws and hardship occur, because the 3D existence is a lower frequency and is meant to be flawed.

Observe yourself from within often. Question your habits and thoughts.

This will free you from the triggers that are holding you back from fulfilling your inherent destiny and amplify freedom of thought.

Observe yourself as if you were observing another, think outside of the 3D box, trust your instincts, and this will expediate as ease your ascension journey to existing as your Higher Self and Your Awakening to a fifth dimensional existence.

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