Colour Correspondence for Your Wallet

Feng Shui is often applied to our homes or any other environment. But did you know you can even apply it to your wallet or purse to bring in certain energies and manifest outcomes.

The Chinese and now quantum physics teach us that we are surrounded by energy, in fact, everything is energy. Our environment is energy even our wallets Choose the best energy based on the elements for your money with colours for specific outcomes.

Fire Element - Red is a good fortune colour considered to attract wealth and abundance. The colour of the Fire element with illumination energy, and is an activating colour. It can energise both your positive, as well as negative traits toward money. Do not hold your wallet and express lack or limitation, always ensure your wallet is clutter free and organised. Be mindful of Purple as it has a very high vibration energy and this can represent much spending. This is not recommended for a wallet

Water Element - Blue and Black is the colour of the Water element and is the ancient symbol of abundance; this makes blue a very good choice for a good fortune wallet. In particular a deep or royal blue

Wood Element - There are many Brown textures, fabrics and natural colour variations that make this choice very attractive. This is a wise choice for Earth and Metal elements.Green, is the colour of the Wood element, and a colour for starting anew. To start fresh and open, regardless of your past. Also to help improve health.

Earth Element – Yellows such as Saffron yellow, burnt orange or any earthy coloured tones. Use something with texture, little bumps for example that feels like soil granules. This invites collaboration, harmony and wisdom

Metal Element- Silver, gold, bronze, brass colours. These colours are a Connection to Heaven Support and General Supportive Luck. Extra luck and support goes a long way

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