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Updated: Nov 5, 2019

How Do Crystals Manifest

Crystals are naturally formed by geological processes and are located all over the world in a diverse range of environments. The crystals we see today have grown from minerals subjected to intense heat and pressure millions of years ago or because of sedimentary actions over millennia. Most of the crystals we see today came from the earth; however, some have arrived here from the heavens or space. These are known as tektites and meteorites.

Crystals have natural etheric vibrations and unique forms. Polished crystals are often used by healers in their work. Crystals with Phantom shapes in them are said to hold much power and energy. Phantom shapes are created by concentrated mineral deposits, which form in distinctive ghost-like shapes within the crystal.

Spirits can be found in crystals. By holding a crystal up to the light, you may see a form, a shape, yet, when you turn it, it disappears. Just as our spirit is living in ‘physical vehicles’ the body so is the spirit of crystals. They are the physical manifestation of the energy behind it. All crystals have an energy that is their specific frequency, which makes them form the way they do, but their energy like ours extends out past their physical shape and is connected to Source also known as the infinite Universe. Spirit is consciousness, the only true-life form. When a person passes away it is said that their soul or spirit has left the body, therefore, it is only this consciousness that makes us what we are, and crystals are physical manifestations that exist because universal consciousness (spirit) resides within, just like us.

We can communicate to one person’s spirit, or through meditation we can communicate and tap into the mass consciousness of all humans on earth, and because consciousness exists within crystals we can communicate with the same way as we do with people by interacting with the Spirit of a Stone or to the collective Spirit of all the stones of particular groups, such as a quartz group.

Quartz has a Trigonal internal structure and composite, that makes quartz, Quartz. It contains qualities to amplify energy and it has a very high vibration. This frequency is so precise that it is widely used around the globe in electronic devices. To collaborate with the Spirit of Quartz, you could use its amplification energies to lift frequencies.

Crystals hold magic of their own, which goes right through to the heart of each crystal. Crystal energy is available to us if we wish to call on it. For example, if you need to shield yourself, call in the Spirit of Onyx to shield and deflect any energy that is not serving you. Ask the Spirit of your crystal for guidance and help.

Crystals can speak to us but first we must clear our mind until focus in only upon our intention, there is just us and the crystal. Sometimes the crystal agitates to release its information such as heating up or releasing apparent vibration. If we don’t pay attention and decide to come back to it later, it can shut down and be dormant, just as the Divine within you waits patiently for you to notice the signs or messages that are delivered.

Faint pulses or vibrations, when felt in a crystal indicate that it is in tune with its user. When this is occurring, we can sense the power of the crystal spirit when it is held. Not everyone is sensitive to this dynamic, yet, they can be when they practice focus. When a crystal is held focus means that the world around including thoughts have come to a standstill, and only you and the crystal exist in the moment.

Crystals have common indicators. If we are using a crystal to gain direction and our thoughts go off in the wrong direction the stone may grow cold. Once we get back on track, it warms again. This is not the warmth of the hand affecting the crystal. It is the force of energy, often great heat, coming from the crystal itself.

Crystals are sensitive, they know who holds them and they know when the owner is right for them. Some stones respond to individuals, others not at all. Sometimes the power of the crystal only speaks to certain people, because the crystal is aware of the frequency required for the individuals.


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