Crystals Types & Enhancements

Crystals come in various size, shape and colour. Many are multi-coloured and their matrix follows the patterning of Sacred Geometry.

All crystals are living organisms, they continue to grow, and are a consciousness that have life energy of their own. Most are the result of natural geological processes, some, their shape and colour, are synthetically produced. All crystals including those that are synthetically produced vibrate on their own individual frequency. Many crystals are as old as our planet and record the history of the planet.

Many have a crystalline structure such as clear quartz, while others are in massive form like rose quartz. Crystals are found as points, clusters, masses and stones. They are also tumbled, cut and polished, and formed into shapes such as spheres, eggs, pyramids, wands, obelisks, touchstones or palm stones.

Dyed and Synthetic Stones

Sometimes crystals are dyed such as, clear quartz, or heat treated to change their colour. Regardless of man-made production some of the most powerful crystals are these synthetics. They are cut in a specific way to enhance their vibrations to the highest level available. Often, because a synthetic does not hold a lot of energy of its own, it can be programmed for a specific function in a most powerful way. When a crystal is dyed to a certain colour, this is fine tuning for use of its colour healing properties. Each colour has a unique frequency and each colour has power to transmute or activate its particular frequency code to enhance healing of corresponding molecules within the body. For example, a rose red brings harmony and amplifies heart glands for the frequency of love or orange carries the vibration of celebration and is an ideal match to the reproductive organ bringing joy, harmony and balance to create life.


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Magical Power of Crystals

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