Do You Feel Like Being a Slimmer You?

Apatite is an amazing crystal that can help suppress your Appetite, raising your metabolic rate, and encourages healthier eating; now that is something a lot of us could do with!

Psychologically Apatite is a great motivator stimulating the intellect to expand knowledge and truth, which is a great tool for personal growth and achieving goals. The physical attributes are formation of new cells, healing bones by aiding the absorption of calcium, improving arthritis and joint problems.

One of the key factors in aiding weight loss is the reduction of Hypertension, in other words High Blood Pressure leading to excess body weight. This is why Apatite is a true gift from the God’s because it also helps diminish Hypertension!

When you begin to see even the slightest results motivation is increased thus creating a ripple effect throughout the body and mind.

Blue Apatite is not only pleasing to the eye but has a very high level of spiritual guidance enhancing public speaking, group communication by opening up the throat chakra. A slimmer you, a more confident and happier You! A stone of the future bringing knowledge, creativity to awaken the finer, inner self to those attuned.

All you have to do is believe, belief in one’s self and belief in the magical power of Crystals; A slimmer You!

A - Z Heal Yourself

Index of conditions, ailments and emotions with reference to the ideal crystals you can use to heal & balance the physical, emotional and spiritual body, as well as transmuting dense energy, crystal structures and more. This guide is treasured by many and has become a healing companion to all our readers.


How Crystals Work

Magical Power of Crystals

Crystal Shapes & Structures

Uniting & Programming Your Crystals

Power of Crystals with the Ancients

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