Energy Barcodes for Outcomes with Feng Shui

Quick Feng Shui Tips

The important thing to remember is that your environment is your physical visualisation board and this unconsciously creates your outcomes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The 4000 year old art and science of Feng Shui helps harness the power of good energy in the home and cures the effects of negative energy. The Chinese and now quantum physics teach us that we are surrounded by energy, in fact, everything is energy. Our environment is energy. Einstein told us this “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Energy or energy forces in Feng Shui are termed as Qi (chi). A good flow energy, also known as frequency, leads to abundance, prosperity and happiness while negative energy leads to misfortune and unhappiness.

Everything around you is emitting a certain energy field that will influence your energy field and outcome, much like a bar code used on a label of a consumer product. When an optical device scans the code, the store register reads it and knows exactly what the details are and what the item is. Frequency works in much the same way. Only, your environment is the scanner, and the universe is the register providing the outcomes. Every part of your environment radiates an energetic vibration. This creates an energy field that connects you with the quantum field. The universe reads the energetic vibration to determine exactly what you and everyone living in that home will attract. Fortunately, if your outcomes are not positive or attracting what you want, you can change them by using the principles of Feng Shui to bring certain frequencies into your own energy field .

It's also important to note that your energy field is made up of your emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental health. The all-encompassing factors that make you, you. Feeling down in any way, can be that something is off in your energy field due to your environment. With Feng Shui we can arrange our environment so that we maximise the energy flow of the home or office for the occupants so that there is improvement in the health, wealth and relationship areas of their lives.

Here are some Quick Tips you can apply to invite better outcomes:

Front Door: The entryway is the mouth of Qi also known as life energy. An entryway that is clean and appealing allows Qi to flow into the rest of your home and this opens the space for organisation to take hold everywhere. Keep entry clean and unobstructed. Ensure the entrance to your home is neat and tidy. If you enter through clutter and chaos, then you carry clutter and chaos into the world. Ensure shoes, boots, coats are hidden and that your entry looks neat and organised, both inside and out. The porch or walkway leading to the door should also be clear of clutter. Garbage bins, recycle bins and garden tools need to be stored elsewhere.

Use a solid door mat at the front door, no holes, this invites holes in voids in the abundant flow.

Living Room/ Family Room: Place a picture of each family member in South West Directions.

Place a bubbling fountain in the Southeast direction to invite more abundance or a in the north for success. North is the direction for new beginnings and of an organised professional life. A fountain here in your work space or lounge room can help activate your resolve to get and stay organised.

Dining Room: Hang a mirror reflecting the table to double abundance. Keep fresh fruit or flowers on the table to invite good health.

Kitchen: No photos of friends or family members, this is a drain area. Do not place images of your children or personal relationships in the kitchen even if the relationship star is located here and in particular do not place these images on your fridge, this indicates freezing them out.

Bathroom: Keep the toilet lid down and the door closed. No photos of friends or family members, this weakens the energy and the relationship luck. Activation's for romance and relationships should be placed in areas with no drains.

The mirrors in your bathroom should not reflect the toilet or bath, it will double the flushing and draining of energy and your relationship luck will worsen. Cure this by covering either the mirror, shower or toilet.

Bedroom: Sleep in a power position, with your crown facing a solid wall. Have a solid headboard.

Do not put live plants or flowers, water or pictures with water in the bedroom this induces adverse dreaming.

No mirrors reflecting the bed, this can invite complications in relationships. For a single person it tells the Universe there is already another in your life.

The electromagnetic field from a clock can disturb a person’s energy because the energy creates active Qi at a time when sleep is required. Place an electric alarm clock or any digital device at least five feet away from the bed or as far as possible.

Light green and light blue are relaxing and soothing colors that promote a good night's sleep.

Office: Sit in a power position, facing the entry point.

Place the number 8, 6, 1, 4, 9 in the north or south of your lounge room and work space:

  • 8 is the luckiest number, it a balance between heaven and earth. The 8 increases the power because it is the ruling number until 2024.

  • 6 the second most fortunate It indicates that good luck will come into your life from heaven. This is the number that brings you gold, wealth, and the best you can have in life. To activate the Heavenly White Star 6, you can always place six golden items, or six coins,

  • 1 the third most fortunate number for success. It gives you great professional success. Activate this with a representation of something you want to become number 1 at.

  • 4 this is for love and romance. If you are a student or a writer, when you activate the power of 4, you will have great communication and family relationships.

  • 9 is lucky and stands for completion and reward for work. It will magnify the effects of numbers it appears in combination with.


  • Fine tune questions you ask the Universe. Act as if it has already manifested.

  • Always check your environment and your thoughts

  • Paint your mailbox in fortune element colours Royal Blue or Red.

  • For luck to improve you must act.- The Universe will send you opportunities that can set off a chain of events. For example: if you received an invitation to a party, this could lead to the chain of events to manifest what you are asking for. Pay attention and take even the smallest action. If the Universe is sending you opportunities and you do not act upon them, you are sending a message that you do not want the gifts.

If you hang an image in your relationship area to attract romance, you must act upon it such as going out and connect in order to receive. If you want to move to a new home and you place a picture of a beautiful house along with your activation's. Go look at some homes, connect with a real estate agent, go to display homes. Act as if it is coming to you and open your heart to it.

You must be in motion and act as if these things are already in your life. Answer every invitation, go on outings, ensure you groom yourself each time you go out as if someone was coming along any moment. Always smile and be ready to receive. Events can happen very fast, the Universe can deliver very quickly, so do not wait, jump into the events. With Feng Shui blockages are removed and everything comes faster. It will feel effortless. The Universe is opening its Abundance to you, act on opportunities, follow them up and your desired outcomes will manifest.

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