Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom

Most people spend at least six hours or more sleeping and it is imperative to understand how Feng Shui impacts sleep.

Good Feng Shui in the bedroom ensures you wake up with greater energy, in a better mood and are inspired throughout the day.

Below are essentials to be mindful of for bedroom Feng Shui:

Exposed Beams

Overhead beams create a cutting energy that cause physical problems for the person laying beneath it. To cure this place a canopy above the bed, cover the beam with fabric or paint the beam the same colour as the ceiling.


A mirror reflecting the bed creates problems for a single person. This person is less likely to attract a romantic partner, the reflection transmits to the Universe that there is already another in their life, it also doubles solitude. For a couple it causes a third person to enter their lives, it also can create addiction to food or alcohol for one of the people. This can also lead to depression, stress and various health related issues as well as doubling any current health issues. If a mirror must stay in the bedroom, cover the mirror at night to prevent the double energy working on your sub conscious mind. During the daytime, the mirror can be uncovered when you are in a conscious mind state.

Make your bed every morning

This should be your first act of organisation every day as it marks the passage from sleep to a new day and prepares the bedroom for the next rejuvenating sleep. Make your bed, arrange the covers and pillows in an orderly and pleasing way. Ensure your laundry has been put away and that your bedroom is neat. Starting and ending your day in a well-ordered environment will inspire more organisation in the rest of your life.

Headboards against bathroom walls

Never sleep with the headboard or the crown of your head facing a wall connecting with the bathroom, particularly if the sink, toilet, bath or shower is behind you, the toilet being the most unfortunate. The flushing energy creates problems in health, passion and concentration. If possible move your bed to another wall/direction. If you are not able to do this place a mirror at the level of your head behind your bed, with the reflective side toward the wall. This reflects the flushing energy away from you instead of on you.

Electromagnetic fields

The electromagnetic field from a clock can disturb a person’s energy because the clocks fire energy creates active Qi at a time when sleep is required. Place an electric alarm clock or any digital device at least five feet away from the bed or as far as possible.

Water and water images

Water creates an energy field of emotion. Water in a bedroom attracts relationship problems as well as lack of passion because it cools down fire. Water also creates lack of concentration in students and emotional problems for people when it is emitted during sleep when in a subconscious state. Water is yang energy, fountains and images of water should be placed only in areas of the home or workspace where there is, or requires more activity. This also applies to an aquarium, if you wish to keep this in your or your child’s bedroom ensure that it is covered at night so it has less impact.

Images above the bed

What hangs above your headboard needs to connect with what you want to dream about at night or with what you want in your life. For a single person wanting a relationship, hang an image of a tender couple, do not hang a picture of a single person, depressing, aggressive or chaotic images. What hangs above you influences you each night for hours while you sleep and you have no defense against it. Do not hang images of nature that are too empowering such as a big rock, it invites the feeling of being crushed. Do not hang images of fierce animals such as dinosaurs, lions and tigers, this invites crushing and the feeling of being devoured, no control in your life. This also applies to large animals such as horses running over you at night. Though these images are not real, their energy is represented and leads to the feeling of being run over by people in your life or crushed by society.

Images in general

Observe any images you have around the room. Ensure they do not feel empty, distant, dark or chaotic. For a child’s room, ensure posters, books or toys reflect the current interests of the child. Early childhood items and images do not connect with them in the now and reduces their focus. Is your bedroom a space for relaxation and romance or a temple decorated with spiritual images such as saints, Buddha or other religious figures? Unconsciously the mind does not want to disturb the temple for holiness, and this prevents romance. Spiritual items and images work well in a meditation space.

Best Bed Position

Your first priority is to sleep with your head toward one of your four personal best directions. The second priority is to be out of the direct flow from the door. The third is to see the incoming flow of energy when someone enters your bedroom. If possible do not place your bedhead along the same wall as your incoming door. You will miss new opportunities in your career or the ideal partner you wish to attract because you do not see the energy at night coming to you. If you cannot move your bed to this position place a small mirror opposite the door so that when you open your eyes you can see the doorway in the mirror, ensure you cannot see the reflection of your bed in the mirror.

Living plants

The energy of living plants is too active for the bedroom. If you want to have more energy through the day use only silk plants. Place these in the East, Southeast or South of the bedroom.


Cover the windows to ensure that moonlight does not shine on you directly, this can create sleep problems and stress related situations

Ensuite/Bathroom door

Ensure there is a door between your bedroom and bathroom because the flushing and draining energy of the bathroom will influence the bedroom. If you do not have a door hang beads, a curtain or place a screen there. Ensure the toilet lid is always down to prevent the draining energy from activating in the environment.

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