Freedom from Attachments

The body is the space in which consciousness (our spirit) resides to animate the form. Consciousness is everywhere and everything. While consciousness is dressed up as human form it cannot help but expand and is in constant motion. Therefore, evolution exists and cannot be any other way. Expand and transcend beyond your old patterns and beliefs. Free yourself from these Attachments. Ascension is your destiny – Eethera

Interacting with the Invisible - Unify Your 4 Bodies

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Headaches, back pain, ear ringing, dizziness and/or exhaustion. You may be Ascending!

Ascension Integration and Activation Code Symptoms

What is Your Intimate Question?


How Crystals Work

Magical Power of Crystals

Crystal Shapes & Structures

Uniting & Programming Your Crystals

Power of Crystals with the Ancients

Benefit From Your Crystals

Purifying & Cleansing Crystals

The Power of Wearing Nature

Powerful Psychic Energy Tools

Gemstones of the Bible & Apostles

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