Have you been Around Negative People?

Add Some Protection to Your Life

We live in a world of energy, for every positive energy, there is also negative energy, the Yin and Yang of life. As Einstein said “everything is Energy”, including us and with every positive person there is also a negative person amongst us. This is the balance of the Universe.

Negative energy can also be found in our environment such as our home or workplace and quite often we enter a room and there is a “Gut Feeling” that some thing just doesn’t feel right. That feeling is alerting you to some negative energy in your immediate surrounds.

Tourmaline is a great protector to carry on your person either as a necklace or a stone in a Protection Kit.

Flourite is another highly protective crystal, especially on a psychic level and from outside influences. Drawing away negative energy and stress Flourite also cleanses and purifies the body.

Tourmalinated Quartz combines the protection of Tourmaline and the strong vibration of Clear Quartz resulting in a strong spiritual grounding energy.

Moss Agate balances the physical, emotional, harmonising the Yin and Yang creating an energetic equilibrium.

A Protection Kit is ideal to carry with you at all times in your pocket, bag or wallet leaving you with a confident feeling that negativity cannot penetrate your bubble. Place it near you on the bedside drawer or under your pillow when you go to sleep.

The Protection of You is paramount, YOU really are Wunderfol!

A - Z Heal Yourself

Index of conditions, ailments and emotions with reference to the ideal crystals you can use to heal & balance the physical, emotional and spiritual body, as well as transmuting dense energy, crystal structures and more. This guide is treasured by many and has become a healing companion to all our readers.


How Crystals Work

Magical Power of Crystals

Crystal Shapes & Structures

Uniting & Programming Your Crystals

Power of Crystals with the Ancients

Benefit From Your Crystals

Purifying & Cleansing Crystals

The Power of Wearing Nature

Powerful Psychic Energy Tools

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