Healing the Aura with Runes

The Auric Field

The human aura is an energy field and a reflection of the body's life force. It surrounds the human body like a cocoon of light. Our aura reflects our health, character, physical, emotional and mental well-being. It is also a clue of disease long before the actual symptoms appear. Tears, leaks or blockages can occur with the aura. Using the power of runes and of the light will assist in regeneration and balancing of the auric field.

The Runes

Many seek answers to questions that cannot always be explained in the outer world of life. They reach to the etheric world within, where infinite wisdom resides and often use tools of divination to implement the interactions. Consulting the Runes connects you with your own inner guidance, the part of you that knows everything you need to know for your life experiences. Runes are primarily used as an oracle through divination, for healing or to draw guidance through focused energies.

Vikings used runes for healing and this tradition continues today. They can be used to empower objects, as a talisman, to bring more powerful frequencies to words, for example a person name. The Runes permeate the very heart of our being and contact the essence of us.

With the help of Divine forces, they guide us to the path of our own true voice, our unique soul signature, and our individual balance and intended growth.

Runes are a powerful way for you to heal the emotional, mental, spiritual or physical body; or for use in mediation to gain clarity and peace. The need for healing occurs when we feel restless, lethargic, angry, stressed, anxious, fearful or conditions have shown in our physical body.

Below are runes that you can utilize along with a tubes of light technique to help restore your Auric field:

Runes for aura healing

Ingwaz - A powerful symbol of universal love energy

Sowilo - The symbol of healing.

Uruz - Physical body – It has the properties of strength, particularly for self-healing.

Laguz - Emotional issues;

Isa - Helps to stop a bad habit or addiction. You can also ask the Oracle to guide you in choosing the appropriate rune. For example, when drawing the rune ask, “which rune is best suited for my healing right now?”

Tubes of Light with Rune Technique

Lay in a comfortable position, closing your eyes take deep, slow breaths. Choose one of the aura healing runes, or a rune drawn for a question. Draw the runic symbol on your dominant hand and position the physical rune a few inches above your head.

1. White light. Cleanse

Visualize that your whole physical body is filled with crystal white light - This Inpouring White Light comes in from above your head and moves slowly down towards your feet clearing out all the dense energy in your body giving it to the earth where it can be transformed. Now, visualize the crystal white light expanding around your body, and filling your whole auric field. Imagine all the negative emotions and thoughts in your energy field and around your body are being cleared, down and out through the soles of your feet.

2. Blue light. Create a sacred space.

Place a shield around your body and aura - Visualize a tube of royal blue light, an outer layer to the crystal white light that is all around you and sealed under your feet. It becomes a wall of royal blue flames where outer negative energy cannot invade your sacred auric field.

3. Rose light. Open yourself to heavenly support.

Invite supportive Universal energy - Know that you are connected to the unlimited source of life and put the intention out that you are supported by the universe Visualize a tube of rose light around the outside of the blue light. Let this rose light go as high as you can visualize, reaching the unlimited energy of the universe, connecting you with anyone you choose, for heavenly support. This could be God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, angels, native spirits, or just the almighty energy of the Universe. Intensify this light by visualizing it becoming a rose wall of flames, surrounding you with love and support. Complete it by visualizing it under you, connecting you with the support of the earth.

4. Violet light. Release dense energy.

A personal space clearing.to release the inner shadow that creates disharmony into your life - Visualize a violet light coming up from under your feet, through your whole body, up to and about one arm-length above your head. Feel it washing through every part of your body. Use this light to clear anything that is still limiting your full potential and awareness.

5. Enchanted Hat. Connect with your alpha state.

Imagine wearing a spellbound hat as tall as your arms can reach. Focus on the top of the hat. Visualize a clear bright light there and snap your fingers in that spot to click into that energy field. This allows you to be the creator of your own energy.

6. Golden Dome. Attract abundance of the universe.

Bring in the abundance of the universe. - Visualize a golden dome coming down over your enchanted hat and over all the layers of your tubes of light. It’s like golden bowl covering your personal aura space with gold dust floating off it and spreading out into your external environment.

7. Your Rune Symbol

Start at the top of your enchanted hat then work your way to the feet - Visualize your chosen runic symbol flowing through your enchanted hat, down through the top of your head, your body and down to your toes. Feel any lingering negative energy leave your body. When you feel the aura is clearing, release the rune, open your eyes and shake off any excess energy that might have built up in your hands or feet.

If you are healing someone else, you can do the same visualisation on their behalf, with their permission. This can be done remotely, when the person is not physically near you (distant healing). If the person is with you, do the same as above and guide them by verbalizing the technique as they lay in a relaxed state.

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