One Degree Shift

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Growth and change may appear adverse, much like a renovation that is messier before renewal. We all are experiencing these as Ascension Symptoms.

Change must come because a part that has been shadowed must be retrieved. Change helps us to discover a new perspective and new strength to live out a better life. Do not miss opportunities of change, be aware that you may miss a chance to change your life for the better. The result may be a missed opportunity, an adverse event or weakening of your position where your own current strength is used against you.

We all have journeys full of ups and downs. Some things go very well, and even better than expected, whereas some others bring us down to tears and frustration. This is the cycle of Rhythm where winter must come, then spring will follow.

Have you ever reached that point where you work is boring, routine, ordinary, or not enjoyable? Relationships are a struggle or confusing. Or you don’t feel comfortable in your body; or perhaps in some aspect of your life.

This occurs with everyone in varying combinations and in different areas or times of our lives. We all have happy and sad moments, we all have things we want to improve in our lives, - and at times like these, changing our life can seem overwhelming, even frightening. Even due to downloads of DNA codes, to activate ascension phases that are essential for the fifth dimensional way of existence a multitude of frequencies are bombarding us daily giving us many of these overwhelming experiences. We feel these symptoms physically, emotionally and spiritually. There’s so much to do…where do you start?

A great start for change is simply to just change ONE thing, one simple shift. A one-degree shift.

Read an article you would never generally consider. Try a new store; walk in and just see what they offer. Sit comfortably in a chair and use a guided meditation. Try a different route to work. Skip in your yard (yes it can feel silly, but it will make you smile). Grab a tablespoon from the kitchen start singing into the pretend microphone. Or a simple change of scenery can shift your thoughts and be the catalyst in transforming your life. Just find something new, different from your habitual ways. When focus is taken away from the old habits, you give opportunity for something new to enter your experience.

My shift

Have you ever felt that you want to do something, a something other than the work you are presently doing?

Many years ago, I began this practice.

Though I was gracious for the work and income to pay for everyday expenses. My innate feeling wanted something else. I felt there was more to life, and more to Spirit. I did not go to work thinking ‘this is where I want to be’. Instead I thought, ‘how do others achieve their dreams?’ There are many who had, and I wanted a better bank balance, to take my family on holidays and I wanted to write.

I applied a one-degree shift, and this led to good fortune. I began to meditate. I listened to my inner voice, my souls voice, and my feelings. This led me to follow one of my passions; to write and the more I wrote, I felt peaceful. Our passions will always ‘feel good’.

I reduced my work hours, worked out a way to earn money from a home business to focus on my writing and established what I could eliminate in my expenses. Though the income still gave me a ‘false sense of security’ I took the leap of faith which led to concerns becoming distant thoughts.

The more changes I applied; the more opportunities came my way. I wrote more books; articles and I was commissioned by other authors to illustrate their books. I had other great offers for work, including teaching at a college. This grew to more wonderful opportunities and I gained qualifications in design, architectural drafting, medicine and as a life coach.

To better our lives, it is necessary to do something we truly enjoy. Einstein said, “in moments of crisis, imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Imagination is thought. Nothing was ever created or experienced without it first occurring in the imagination. Regardless of hardship, or in what form it presents, imagination is the key in opening the door to a room full of opportunity.

I imagined ways to create an income from home and imagined that my dreams could come true. What followed was more than I could have expected. Imagination gives us the strength to change our journey. Reflection, retreat in thought and meditation gave me the strength to cut my work hours back and disregard any concerns. “We don’t know, what we don’t Know.” Trust in the Universal forces, we cannot always know what the Divine has waiting for us on the other side of decision.

Whatever it is that you want, it’s wonderful! Want you want that makes you ‘feel good’ reach for it, apply a one-degree shift, use runes, a pendulum or ask your angel guides and take a leap of faith. Imagine the possibilities for change and where you want to be.

Your BEST Life is waiting!

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