Purifying & Cleansing Crystals

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

After purchasing your crystal, it is a good idea to cleanse it to imbue it with your own unique energy signature and to remove unnecessary vibrations or energy patterns so that it can harmonize with your own energy field. There are several methods for cleansing crystal, we have included some powerful cleansing methods in this chapter. Whatever method you use, always remember it is your intention that is foremost the most important aspect.

Cleansing Methods

As mentioned in the last paragraph there are many methods to cleanse your stones. Whatever method you use, bear in mind that your crystal will need cleansing, just as we need to cleanse and wash ourselves. How often depends on how you use your crystals and the what is occurring in the environment it is kept in.

Wash crystals in running water. You can also place your crystals into a small creek or stream and let the running water do the recharging. This is done from one to three days. You can also leave them in the rain. Only use this method if you are sure the crystal will not be affected. Some crystals dissolve with water.

Use your prana or life force energy. To do this, take your crystal between your hands, held in prayer position and simply blow across the crystal as it is held between your hands. Or, take a deep breath in through your nose, imagine yourself filled with brilliant clear white light, and then blow sharply through, or across the crystal.

Place your crystals outside and expose them to the morning sun, moonlight, the ocean or the elements for one to seven days. Even placed out overnight on each full moon they will recharge, be glowing and activated the next day, ready to do their work with you again.

Place it on a crystal cluster or in a geode. Amethyst is ideal as it is a purifying stone. One to three days.

Place a carnelian, kyanite or natural citrine with your crystals to maintain them with a clean and positive energy condition.

Bathe your gemstones in imaginary white light and/or sound until clean. Or, imagine white light flowing in through your crown chakra then blow hard on the crystal to "blow" the light out through yourself and into the crystal to cleanse it.

Smudging with spear thistle, palo santo, sage, sweetgrass, frankincense, cedar , Dragon's Blood or sandalwood incense works well. Simply wave the smoke over the stones.

Mirror Method - Place the gemstones on a mirror over night to clean them

Flower Essences and some homeopathic solutions clean gemstones as well.

Soaking your crystal in flower water with the petals of the flowers such as rose, honeysuckle, orange blossoms for 24 hours will cleanse the crystal of all it's negative energy.

Sea water or salt water is ideal to cleanse most crystals. Place in a stocking or sock so you can hold them securely. Or, place a tablespoon of rock salt in a glass of water and immerse your crystal for twenty-four hours. Not all crystals can be cleansed by this method. Before immersing with water ensure that your stone is not dissolve in water.

Place them in a metal or crystal singing bowl. Play the bowl for a few seconds. This is known as Sound Clearing.

Bury the crystal in the Earth or sand for a week and let Mother Earth's energies absorb and recharge the crystal. No wrappings.

The method you use is a personal choice and dependant on the crystal and how heavy the use of it has been.

When using crystals, keep in mind... If you take care of your crystals and they will take care of you.

Crystals that do not require cleansing






Stones damaged by Sunlight:

Aventurine: translucent types often lose colour Amethyst: becomes paler Apatite: pink variety fades Aquamarine: becomes paler Celestite or Celestine: fades in direct sunlight Citrine: may change colour Fluorite: green and purple types change colour Kunzite: becomes pale or loses colour

Morganite: brown or orange types may change to pale pink Opal: may fade Rose Quartz: becomes paler Sapphire: should be cleansed in moonlight Smokey Quartz: becomes paler Turquoise: may fade

NOT to be cleansed in Salt Water:

Calcite Carnelian Labradorite Lepidolite Moldavite Opal Turquoise Ulexite

*Use caution with the softer Mica and crystalline stones

Fatigued Crystals- After prolonged use, a crystal may be drained, lost some of its colour or even appear lifeless. If you use a crystal for a specific purpose, and often, just like us it requires time to rejuvenate. If this occurs give it a rest. Place it in a pot plant for a few months so it can regenerate. Or bury the stone in soil for weeks to re-energize it.

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