Tips to Diffuse Geopathic Stress

We protect ourselves from overexposure to sunlight by going in the shade, wearing a hat or using sunscreen but we often neglect that which we cannot see.

"Geo" obviously means "Earth" or "Land", "Pathic" indicates both a disease, as well as a cure for disease. It also indicated the ability to feel, perceive or be sensitive to specific energies as in telepathic. There are various types of earth energies, some are very good for health, and some are detrimental. These include: Earth Magnetic Grid Lines, Underground flowing water, Sewer and grey water pipes, Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF), radio frequency and microwaves.

Geopathic stress acts on the body’s energy field to weaken the immune system. This can reduce the state of our health. There are indications that someone may be suffering the effects of geopathic stress. These include: Poor sleeping patterns, particularly waking in the morning to feel that you have not had a proper night’s sleep, grinding of teeth during the night, unexplained headaches, displays of severe impatience and anger, a grey ‘unwashed’ pallor and, often, very lifeless hair, or low energy levels.

6 Tips on how to Identify Geopathic Stress

1. Regardless of rest, feeling easily drained and exhausted

2. How healthy are trees and bushes around your home? Geopathic Stress on Plants: A geopathic stress line is present if a row of shrubs or trees, are all healthy and vibrant except for one that appears to be deformed or wilting. Also, a garden where nothing grows, can be an indication of a geopathic stress line.

3. Are you having difficulty with falling asleep or waking up around 3 am. This is when Geopathic Stress has is strongest in its intensity.

4. Pets and bugs- One of the simplest indicators of a geopathic stress zone is apparent in the way animals act. Cats, for example are attracted to Geopathic Stress. They will sleep over these spots. When outdoors, look for bee, wasp, or ant nests over the spot. Excessive amounts of slugs, snails, other insects, or parasites is also a good sign of disturbance. Cats, dogs, insects, and other animals are naturally attracted to areas of earth resonance.

5. Illness. If there is a History of cancer from the residents of the house, you are living in. Ask about the previous residents: If there is a history of illness it is a good idea to get your home checked in detail by a dowser, even smudge it for the dense energies left to linger.

6. Water beneath the house can show a general high-water table and possible underground water veins.

Tips for diffusing the frequencies of Geopathic Stress:

Place an Ionizer Ionic Air Purifier, or salt lamp in your home.

Place quartz crystals: Amethyst, Zeolite, Amazonite, Aragonite, Black kyanite, Apophyllite, Orgonite or Tourmaline crystal. These are great at generating negative ions from moisture in the air. This crystal can be worn too.

Place a cork mat or tiles. These absorb negative ions. Fine woven mats such as Persian rugs reduce Geopathic stress, this is a natural way to shield a possible charge.

Pyramid objects balance frequencies and draws in positive energy from its tip

Clean your areas and furniture with Lavender products. Lavender transmutes negative energy to positive energies. Also use an Essential Oil burner with lavender oil or lavender incense. Lavender bags in closets and corners are great.

Personal Energy Geopathic Stress Protection:

We are surrounded by electromagnetic activity that can magnify geopathic stress. High tension power lines, satellite towers, electric poles, or circuit breakers all send out high and low frequency energy that can increase geopathic stress, as can everyday items like microwaves, cell phones, and wireless routers. Minimize your exposure to such devices, get rid of unneeded appliances. Unplug them when not in use.

  • Wear quartz crystals, Amethyst, Amazonite, Aragonite, or Tourmaline crystals, silver or gold.

  • Bedroom: Keep this area as free as you can of electromagnetic activity, if possible, remove some or all electrical devices such as television, phones, computers, electric alarm clocks, kindles.

  • Avoid metal bed frames and spring mattresses, they bundle and reflect geopathic energies. They also charge easily from electro-magnetic fields. Replace with wooden frames and latex or foam mattress.

  • Enhance purity: Wash physical body with lavender soap or add essential oil of lavender to shower gel, lavender helps release toxins and old energies from your aura. Clean your home with lavender essential oil in your cleaning products, lavender products or clean with aromatherapy products.

  • Keep your cell phone away from your body; use the speakerphone or an earplug as much as possible; use texting as much as possible. If you carry the phone on your body, it still affects you.

  • Don't use your laptop directly on your lap. Put a stable table or flat hard surface and consider ventilation. It is better to keep it on a table with some distance from your body. Also place a black kyanite crystal on it.

  • Use a cable modem if possible. If you have a wireless modem, choose one which easily can be shut off at night when not in use.

  • Replace fluorescent light bulbs, if possible, they increase EMF pollution on the power signal, with LED lights or use lamps instead of the general lighting if these are fittings in your home.

  • A microwave changes the molecular structure of the food and emits harmful radiation when used. Limit the use of the blender and mixer: both have very high levels of EMFs.

  • Place crystals in your water tanks, jugs or water coolers. Amethyst, clear quartz or fluorite

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