Understand The Chakras

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

The chakra system needs to function well and in balance.

When one chakra is misaligned, then the bodily system won’t operate properly, until all are re-balanced. If one is higher in vibration, is too open or sluggish, due to emotional blockages, then they all need to be re-aligned and balanced to bring them all back into equilibrium.

Here is some information to guide you in understanding the Chakra System

1. The Root (Base) Chakra

Adrenal, Suprarenal Glands

Associated with the fight or flight response.  It energizes the kidneys, the spine & sense of smell.

It is our: Safety (fear), security, Survival, foundation for our lives, Stability, the will to live and to survive, Groundedness, Trust, Self-esteem, General physical health, Sexuality, Lust, Obsession, Digestive issues

The Base Chakra is concerned with issues of survival and basic physical needs. It is powerful (or it feels powerful) because the energy here is in raw form and closest to the density of the physical body. Its life lesson is standing up for oneself. This chakra deals with our relationship to our family, to our society, to our tribe. Kundalini energy is said to reside here. Kundalini is the coiled mystical energy that rises upward through the spine energizing all chakras into full operation and potential. When it reaches the Crown Chakra one reaches Nirvana or enlightenment. A downward facing vortex or cone of energy which connects to the foot chakras and grounds us to the earth, as well as connecting with the chakras above.

Where: Base of the spine, in the coccyx or even the feet, base of the spine or the area of the perineum. (Men) between the genitals and the anus. (Women) genital area. Back, kidneys, Bladder, spinal column, bowel, legs, feet, and bones   

When balanced, we feel grounded, experience stability, courage and patience.

When blocked, causes fear, instability and loss of power, and lower back pain, sciatica and constipation.

  • Balanced Base Chakra expresses itself as: Self-mastery; high physical energy; grounded; healthy;  friendly 

  • Physical dysfunctions of the Base Chakra: Sexual or reproductive problems; circulation and blood deficiencies;  osteoarthritis;  constipation & bladder problems;  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  • Emotional dysfunctions of the Base Chakra include: Obsessive/compulsive behaviour;  protective instincts;  mental lethargy or lack of inner stillness;  anger and resentment;  domineering and aggressive behaviour

Colour – Red

Associated with motivation, extroversion, stimulation, activity and will.  Brings new life and new beginnings. A good colour for start of a new year! Associated with physical love and passion. Stimulates all appetites.

Wear this colour when you feel unwell or low in frequency related to the corresponding areas of the body. To open earth yourself, shoes off. Eco therapy- go into nature

Just as Colour, Crystals have a certain resonance with the Chakras, so do different plants. Essential oils are the essence of plants and can be used to help balance the chakras.

Instrument: Drums Mantra: Lam Element: Earth Energy: Grounding

2. The Sacral (Sexual) Chakra

Reproductive (Gonads – Ovary, Testes)

Brings with it a desire for a pleasurable lifestyle and making changes necessary to create that. All creative impulses originate here whether making a new life or painting a picture. Too much or too little energy here creates sexual difficulties or writer s block. Associated with the sense of taste. It energizes the sex organs, bladder, prostate and uterus. Balance of sensuality, sexual energy, creative life force, love body.

It is our: Creativity, Basic emotions, Relationships, Violence, Addictions, Pleasure, Sexuality, Intimacy

Two polarities associated with this chakra: pleasure/fulfilment and suffering/sacrifice. Concerned with emotional balance and sexuality. Life lesson is challenging motivations based on social conditioning.

Where: Between the navel and the pubic bone. Lower abdomen and sacral area, bladder, prostate,  uterus, Womb, ovaries, Testes, gall bladder. Lower back, Kidneys, Stomach    

When balanced, we feel alive through our senses, are able to experience pleasure, tolerance, creativity and vitality.

  • Balanced Sacral Chakra expresses itself as: Trusting; expressive; attuned to one s feelings; creative

  • When blocked, lack of purpose, leads to jealousy, guilt, confusion and impotence or frigidity.

  • Physical imbalances of the Sacral Chakra: Impotence & infertility;  frigidity;  bladder & prostate problems;  lower back pain;

  • Emotional imbalances of the Sacral Chakra: Sexual addiction;  emotional instability;  feelings of isolation

Colour – Orange

Reflects enthusiasm, vivaciousness, good-health, creativity and joy. Outgoing and assertive, not as in your face as red and tends to be more constructive. a good colour to wear when meeting new people in a social setting it assists communication, courage and a positive attitude to life. Wear orange when low in vitality, melancholy and feeling sad it uplifts spirit!

Wear this colour when you feel unwell or low in frequency related to the corresponding areas of the body. 

Just as Colour, Crystals have a certain resonance with the Chakras, so do different plants. Essential oils are the essence of plants and can be used to help balance the chakras.

Instruments: drums, cello, trombone, tuba, bassoon and other low instruments.

Mantra: Vam Element: Water Energy: Life Energy

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra

Pancreas, liver, spleen

Corresponding gland is the pancreas and this chakra is associated with the sense of sight. It energizes the digestive system and muscles.

(Seat of the ego/power) Main essence is development of self esteem and personal will power. About transforming the Self into a being of power by bringing balance between emotional (right brain) self and logical (left brain) self. Relates to our connections with others as a confident, unique individual not reliant on others for approval.  Open by meditaion and massage navel.

It is our: Self-esteem, Ego, Willpower, Drive, Complex emotions, Fear, introversion, Opinions, Vitality, personal power, our ability to make choices/decisions, Anxiety and stress, Feeling abandoned

Where: Between navel and the base of the sternum. In the solar plexus (a junction where our nerves meet near the diaphragm) Liver, stomach, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, intestines      

When balanced we have feelings of self worth and can take full responsibility for ourselves.

  • Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra expresses itself as: Respects self and others; has personal power; spontaneous; uninhibited

  • If out of balance there is anxiety.Need calm music, nature. Part of digestion. To balance don’t overeat. Blockages will manifest as lust for power, egocentricity and low self esteem. Affects digestive and nervous systems, the pancreas, stomach and liver.

  • Physical imbalances of the Solar Plexus Chakra: Stomach ulcers, digestive problems; Chronic fatigue syndrome; allergies; diabetes; skin eruptions

  • Emotional imbalances of the Solar Plexus Chakra: Oversensitive to criticism; need to be in control; low self-esteem; emotional instability

Colour – Yellow

Reflects personal power, achievement, warm-heartedness and enjoying being centre of attention. Brings ability to grasp new ideas and connects with the left side of the brain (analytical/logical intelligence). Has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, strengthens muscles and improves the circulation. Wearing yellow or visualizing yellow on your solar plexus area assists function of the liver, gallbladder, improves digestion and relieves inflammatory conditions eg. arthritis and muscle stiffness.

Wear this colour when you feel unwell or low in frequency related to the corresponding areas of the body. 

Just as Colour, Crystals have a certain resonance with the Chakras, so do different plants. Essential oils are the essence of plants and can be used to help balance the chakras.

String instruments violin Mantra: Ram Element: Fire Energy: Power

4. The Heart Chakra

Thymus and Heart

Be open to love. Love self and others. Move into transcendental state. Concerned with forgiveness and compassion. It is about learning to love and accept others exactly as they are, unconditionally, leading to acceptance of self.  The corresponding gland is the Thymus and this chakra is associated with the sense of touch.  It energizes the heart, lungs and circulation.

(Symbol of growth and fertility) Represents our ability to experience unconditional love.

It is our: Self-acceptance and confidence, Sympathy, Forgiveness, Jealousy, Anger and grief, Rejection, Well-being

Where: Between the breasts in the centre of the chest, in the heart. Heart, lungs, blood, nerves, Shoulders, arms/hands  

When balanced we are compassionate and understanding, able to forgive, to be content, and to see our challenges as lessons to be learnt

  • Balanced Heart Chakra expresses itself as: Compassionate; loves unconditionally; nurturing; desires spiritual experience in lovemaking; inspirational

  • Imbalanced: Guilty closes/ blocks chakra. Forgive self and others. Be open to others growth. Loneliness, isolation or hatred, and cardiac, lung or circulatory problems

  • Physical imbalances of the Heart Chakra: Shallow breathing; bronchial pneumonia; High blood pressure; heart disease; prolapsed mitral valve; breast and lung cancer; lowered immune system; rheumatoid arthritis

  • Emotional imbalances of the Heart Chakra: Fears about betrayal; co-dependence; melancholia; greed; grief and anger; resentment and bitterness

Colour – Green with a tinge of Pink

Balancing to the sympathetic nervous system and is used for general healing. Directly affects the heart and lungs and has a tonifying, detoxifying effect on circulation. Green has a relaxing and sedating effect on the body. Walking in the fresh air surrounded by trees and greenery is a good way to get some green in your life and is very good for the health. Assists when one is experiencing shock or claustrophobia.

Wear this colour when you feel unwell or low in frequency related to the corresponding areas of the body. 

Just as Colour, Crystals have a certain resonance with the Chakras, so do different plants. Essential oils are the essence of plants and can be used to help balance the chakras.

String instrument-voilin and Piano Keynote: F Mantra: Yam Element: Air Energy: Compassion, Love

5. The Throat Chakra

Thyroid Parathyroid

The corresponding glands are Thyroid and Parathyroid and is associated with sense of sound and hearing.It energizes the mouth, teeth, oesophagus, throat and ears. Communication-becomes impeccable with words. Heal self/open chakra through words eg. Sing I am wonderful, I can do this/that. Also be silent with pure thoughts, listen to inner voice

Concerned with willpower, communication, self-expression and creativity through sound – speech, writing or singing.

It is our: Communication, Self Expression, Creativity, Independence, security, Fluent thought, Implementation of creative ideas

Where: Throat, Neck area, vocal chords, mouth, upper lungs, jaw, ears, mouth, teeth, Thyroid

When balanced we express truth, we have ability to speak for ourselves and express our feelings. We show kindness, be gentle and reliable. Concerned with purifying ourselves by honestly recognizing how we feel and having confidence to communicate emotions to others.  This does not refer to everyday chatter, but taking time to carefully choose words to convey our thoughts.  Also concerned with hearing – actively listening to others develops our subtle inner ear or intuition.

  • Balanced Chakra expresses itself as: Good communicator;  contented;  finds it easy to meditate;  artistically inspired;  honest and reliable

  • Imbalanced: Say yes/no when you want to open chakra. Don’t hold in. This blocks the chakra and creates thyroid problems. Be honest and pure with emotions. Don’t lie. Be open with words. Be a good listener too. A blockage will manifest as hearing and speech disabilities, communication problems, sore throats, thyroid and para thyroid diseases, and difficulties in expressing ourselves.

  • Physical imbalances of the Throat Chakra: Sore throats and laryngitis;  neck problems;  thyroid imbalances;  tinnitus and vertigo;  asthma and allergies;  anemia and menstrual problems.

  • Emotional imbalances of the Throat Chakra: Perfectionism;  inability to express emotions;blocked creativity;  over-talkative;  dogmatic;  self-righteous; arrogant;  unreliable;  overly critical

Colour – Blue

Calming and relaxing.  Peace, quiet strength, feelings of relaxation and healing.  Good colour for reducing hot or inflamed conditions in the body, eg. Fevers, sore throats (any throat condition), headaches and menstrual pain.  Wear blue underwear, a blue scarf or a blue crystal on the affected area to reduce the pain and inflammation.  Blue is especially good for childrens ailments, such as teething, colic and fevers

Wear this colour when you feel unwell or low in frequency related to the corresponding areas of the body. 

Just as Colour, Crystals have a certain resonance with the Chakras, so do different plants. Essential oils are the essence of plants and can be used to help balance the chakras.

Instrument– Voice, Sing.

Element– water, ether Keynote: G Mantra: Ham Energy: Communication, Creation

6. The Third Eye Chakra

Pituitary gland

Seat of clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychic knowing, inner knowing and intuition are aided by developing this area. The Lower Brain, eyes, ears, nose. Pituitary gland and chakra associated with the sixth sense.  It energizes the eyes, ears, nose and base of the skull.

Opens when we question our reality. Don’t believe anything, know for thyself. This chakra goes beyond the senses. When activated we see the whole world is Maya (an illusion) we move from the third dimension to 5th-12th dimension. Decalcify pineal gland to aid in activating.

It is our: Intuitive knowing, Wisdom, Balance of higher and lower self, Inner guidance, clarity, Telepathy, Memory and concentration, Sleep issues, centre of personal vision, receptivity

Where: Above and between the eyebrows. Eyes, Brain, Endocrine (hormonal) imbalance, Lymphatic system

When balanced gives the ability to see the world without judgement or attachment to outcome. Brings dreams, visions, wisdom and peace of mind. When functioning normally, aids sleep and purifies the body.  Also allows connection with spiritual/psychic abilities, including clairvoyance and telepathy.

  • Balanced Chakra expresses itself as: Charismatic;  highly intuitive;  not attached to material things. A person with a highly developed Third Eye may be a visionary, with ideas well ahead of their time.

  • Imbalanced: A blockage can lead to vision problems, headaches, fogginess, dizziness and feelings of separation. When one is stuck in the matrix beliefs it blocks the 3rd eye.

  • If operating negatively, feeling unappreciated by others and low self-esteem may be felt. Also fears and phobias, plus doubting one’s self.

  • Physical imbalances of the Third Eye Chakra: Headaches;  poor vision;  neurological disturbances;  glaucoma;  nightmares;  learning difficulties;  hallucinations;  schizophrenia;   high blood pressure

  • Emotional imbalances of the Third Eye Chakra: Dogmatic and arrogant;  undisciplined;  fear of success;  sets sights too low

Colour – Indigo

Calms and soothes the mind, reflects dignity, nobility and self-respect. Normalizes all hormonal or glandular activity, it is connected to the function of the Pituitary gland. Works well with all mental and nervous conditions, including epilepsy, neuralgia, problems with the ears, eyes and nose.

Wear this colour when you feel unwell or low in frequency related to the corresponding areas of the body. 

Just as Colour, Crystals have a certain resonance with the Chakras, so do different plants. Essential oils are the essence of plants and can be used to help balance the chakras.

Instrument- woodwind. Indian flute.

Mantra: Sham Element: All Energy: Insight, Wisdom

7. The Crown Chakra

Pineal Gland

(Seat of the soul, representing infinity) Major energy center. The Pineal gland energizes upper skull, cerebral cortex, skin, muscular and skeletal systems. Once Chakra is awakened, one opens to Divine wisdom, enabling a state of connectedness with the universe; a state of bliss or rapture.

It is our: Connection to Divine Energy, centre of self realisation, Overthinking, Anxiety, Depression, Headaches/head issues, Spirituality, entry point for life-force energy, energizes and nourishes body, mind and spirit

Where: Top of the head, upper brain
  • When balanced: Unified with everything around us when opened, the oneness. No ego. Connects to spirit. Open by detaching from material world. ego gives way to compassion, we feel a connection to Higher Self. Opens significantly during meditation and prayer, highly evolved beings have this chakra open all the time.  Remember before the seen was the unseen.

  • Balanced Chakra expresses itself as: Magnetic personality; ability to achieve miracles in life; transcendence; being at peace with self, allows one to show love compassion and gentleness to all others. Reflects one’s spiritual maturity and one thinks more of the needs of others. Look at positive rather than negative side of life.

  • Imbalanced: What blocks- being wordly. Materialism. Manifests as dullness, disconnection, egotism or mental problems. Reflected in all the lower chakras.  As it controls functioning of the Pineal Gland, imbalance can cause problems with the production of melatonin (which regulates sleep), the sympathetic nervous system, headaches and other brain problems.

  • Physical imbalances: Sensitivity to pollutants; sound and light; chronic fatigue;  epilepsy;  Alzheimer’s;  headaches and migraines;  sleep disorders.

  • Emotional imbalances: Depression; obsessive thinking; confusion; domineering, egocentric person who operates under guise as a spiritual person, manipulates others for their own gain, e.g. Cult leaders.

  • Meditate, Go to mountains, salt bath, and discover truth.

Colour –  Violet & flashes of gold & white

Violet is warm, gentle, nurturing and protective. Colour increases blood flow to the brain and sympathetic nervous system. Assists in relief of headaches, high blood pressure, chronic tiredness and nervous breakdown. Also calms violent and aggressive behaviour.

Wear this colour when you feel unwell or low in frequency related to the corresponding areas of the body. 

Just as Colour, Crystals have a certain resonance with the Chakras, so do different plants. Essential oils are the essence of plants and can be used to help balance the chakras.

Instrument- Bells Mantra: Aum/Om Element: All including- water, ether, sunlight. Energy: Transcendence

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