Uniting & Programming Your Crystals

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Getting to Know Your Crystal

The quickest and easiest way to get to know your crystal is meditate with it. You can do this as follows:

Find a quiet comfortable spot somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Sit down in a comfortable position, centre yourself for as long as necessary and then pick up your crystal and relax with it.

Hold your crystal in your receptive hand (for most people it is the left hand) and hold it close to your heart. Take a few deep breaths in through the nose and release out from the nose.

On the in-breath, visualise a refreshing white light entering your body, and feel it recharging you from the crown of your head and down to the soles of your feet. Hold each breath for a few seconds and experience the fullness of your being. On the out breath, release any tensions or negative feelings you may be carrying.

Allow yourself to feel light, aware and loving. Direct these sensations into your crystal and ask it to release its healing energy, love and insight to you. When you are ready to end the meditation; become aware of your physical body and surroundings.

You have now unified, tuned into and become friends with your crystal so you can use it to increase your own natural energy. You will also discover that your relationship with this stone of consciousness will strengthen or deepen over time.

Programming Your Crystals

Crystals, like you are unlimited in their potential. They are derived from the Divine Etheric field just as you. An effective way to use crystals is to program their energy towards your chosen goal. This is done by you concentrating your thoughts into the crystal so that the energy of the crystal is directed and unifies to your thought pattern.

To achieve this, you first need to cleanse your crystal. When your crystal is cleansed hold it in your right hand and place your right hand in your left hand. Concentrate and visualise your goal as clearly as possible and imagine this goal is projected into the crystal by a spiral of intense white light. This is a crucial step, and success depends on your level of commitment and the level of energy you transmit to the crystal. You can also speak your goal out aloud, and directly into your crystal.

Depending on the scale of your goal, you may need to repeat the process for a few days, the ones you believe to be larger more complex goals in particular. To speed up the programming, carry or wear your crystal several times a day to help you focus on specific daily goals and tasks.

More on programming your Crystals:

Crystals are transformers of energy. They can stabilize, transmute, balance and harmonise energies. Everything is energy; and your crystal can focus on healing energy as well as activating the intention for healing.
  • When programming your crystal ask Divine energy to charge the crystal in the highest way possible.

  • Program your crystal for protection by visualizing white light entering it.

  • Cup your hands around your crystal and blow into your hands three times, to awaken the ‘Breath of Life’, this also connects you to your stone.

  • Draw or visualize a power symbol over your stone such as a mandala, or yin yang symbol.

  • Build up a collection of crystals so that you can use them in many ways. Feel the energy of your crystals to determine which one you are to carry each day and for the present day. At the end of the day, place to rest and express gratitude for the energetic support and collaboration it has given you.

  • Find a crystal that corresponds to you or choose the frequency you want to integrate into your experience. Then carry the specified crystal for a period that feels right to you before changing to another crystal.

For conditions, ailments and emotions with reference to the ideal crystals you can use the A - Z Heal Yourself Guide is a great Index and reference to pin point the exact crystal frequency to heal & balance the physical, emotional and spiritual body, as well as transmuting dense energy.

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