What is the most important question we should ask our self every day?

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Am I focused on the ‘now’?

Schedule in moments of silence so that you may consider your thoughts and emotions; and whether your focus is on what is actually happening in your present moment or you may be thinking about the future. Whichever it is, is this the direction you really want to head towards?

You may have heard of the power of the present moment or the ‘now’. Now is the only moment that exists. Before, or the past, is nothing but ether, it is non-existent and cannot be equated to anything not even to air, because we can feel air; we feel a breeze, we feel it in our breath or from an object moving past us expediently, and only if we choose to hold onto memories of before, does it become the ‘now’. Memories too, are non-existent and only feel real because we have attached emotions to them. If we choose to focus on them in the ‘now’ we invite and involve ourselves to experience the same emotion attached to the memory, and by this we succeed in placing a barrier to block new experiences entering our lives.

After, or the future, will only pan out with what we do in the’now’. Being mindful of how we are thinking, responding and reacting in any given moment is our indicator of what results will come into our experience, in the future. For example: Stress creates poor health. If we do not focus and change our emotions in our ‘now’, we have made the choice to invite ill health into our tomorrow.

It’s imperative to listen to the silence on a regular basis. We must have moments to calm our thoughts. The outside world is filled with activity, interference and bewilderment. We live in an active world of technology, attitudes, daily tasks, general living and conditioned thoughts. And this can place veils over our highly potential ‘feelgood’ experiences, and amplifies ‘feel crap’ experiences.

The useful practice of being in the here and now is Self-Knowledge practice and is the most powerful way to alter vibration and raise vibrational frequency; and is best done in moments of silence. This practice brings many advantages to our emotional and physical health, as well as to the relationships in our life.

Self-Knowledge practice is an act where we focus our awareness on the present moment. Pay attention to what is actually happening in this moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting our feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

Self-Knowledge practice is an astounding tool for stress management and overall wellness. It may be used any time, anywhere and brings lasting results. Here is one simple technique to bring yourself into the ‘now’:

Just Breathe

Our breath is our physical life force. Place focus on it when you wish to reset the frequency or bypass the emotions, anytime and anywhere. Inhaling through the nose, holding for a few seconds, then exhaling out of your mouth is a reset to emotional frequencies. Simply focus on the breath and this will begin the process of calm frequency. A helpful way to cancel out any distractions, from mind or external sounds is to count the seconds of breath. For example; inhale on the count of three, hold for two seconds and exhale on the count of five, releasing any unwanted frequencies held within.

Just focus on your breath, reset your emotions to reclaim your focus and claim your ‘feelgood’ future.


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