Your Power Surpasses the wind

Imagine for a moment the freedom the wind has, from moment to moment or day to day. The wind guides itself in whichever direction it chooses. It can be a subtle breeze touching & experiencing everything it passes or a strong gust, so powerful, where nothing stands in its way. The wind acts & “BE’s” what vibration can only 'BE', and that is Motion

You & Your Life are the sum total of vibration

A ground hog life with the same of the same cannot be in harmony because vibration is meant for motion.

Embrace change, choose change, this sparks motion towards your intended path. And the way to living your unique life in harmony. Break up with your old thoughts of fear. After all, inherent within you is a fearless and strong gust where nothing really can stand in your way.

Your Power Surpasses the wind

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