Within YOU resides more than you realise. Escape the frequency clutter and reconnect with your Original Codes. We at Wunderfol provide high vibrational products globally to awaken and restore the Divine already inherent within You​

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Protection and good luck cure

Sometimes we all need a little bit of luck, whether it is to get us through the day unscathed, to get across an obstacle or maybe to start a new adventure. Lucky coin packages are perfect as gifts for birthdays or ceremonies. You can place lucky coins under your doormat, hang them on your doorknob or you can keep them in your purse or wallet. Lucky coins represent the heavens, the earth and man. They bring wealth, prosperity and abundance to all areas of life and peace of mind.

3 Lucky coins

Approx 15mm ea


Smudging & Protection


More Pendulums


Chip Bracelets


Prosperity Pendants

Positive, Plentiful or Peak Pendants

Purity or Peaceful Pendants

Paradise, Passion or Pleasure Pendants


We also offer 29 powerful Crystal Kits, each containing four crystals with the frequency to assist in gaining Your desired outcome. More Kits


3 Feng Shui Lucky Coins

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