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These Stones possess a natural hole and if in your possession, should be considered a sacred object. They have been called by many names over the centuries including Witch Stones, Hag Stones, Snake Eggs, Hex Stones, Fairy Stones, Holy Stones, and Eye Stones and are believed to bring good luck and protect from harm. The name “hag stone” originates in part from ancient beliefs that most maladies, which were curable by using this stone, were caused originally by spectral hags. Other areas call them adder stones because they are believed to protect the wearer. These stones have many uses. They have been used worldwide for centuries. Legend has it that they can be used to ward off the dead, curses, sickness and nightmares, their magical powers are used for protection against eye diseases or evil charms and preventing nightmares. They were carried and worn by Druids as a badge of honor. It is believed that if one looked through the hole in the middle of the stone, one would have the ability to see fairies, invisible Magickal creatures, or see through disguises and traps.

​​​​1 cluster

Approx 40mm x 70mm


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Harness the power of crystals to help you in wellness, balance, cleansing & joy. No Crystal or Gemstone is alike, each have a different frequency and its own its own unique lines, therefore all are different in shape and colour tone. If you have any questions or special requests, we're happy to look into them further, just let us know in the contact us section!


Whether it’s a gift for that special someone or you're wanting to work with a crystal because you're feeling really drawn to it. From amethysts to zeolites we have you covered. More Crystals & Gemstones 

Adder Stone - Witches Stones 7.00