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ALCHEMY OF Being Gracious

by A.B Collie


Have you been working with and using the Law of Attraction in your life and been disappointed at the lack of results? Do you feel that there is something missing from your understanding? Why isn’t this working for me, I’m doing everything they told me to do. If this sounds like you then this book holds the missing piece of the puzzle.

The Alchemy of Being Gracious is a practical guide through the other half of The Law of Attraction, The Law of Gratitude. Without applying this Law, you are only going to get half way there. It’s like trying to drive a car with only two wheels. This short book gets down to the basics and explains why the Law of Gratitude is so important to manifest the life you want and how to bring about the changes to make the magic happen.

It is designed as a quick and easy read so you can read it as often as you need to get straight to the point and begin applying the principles right away. See the power of using thought and feeling together, the magic of forgiveness and how non-resistance will reactivate the way you think. Based on ancient knowledge and modern principles this book guides you through the steps to understand the Law of Gratitude and how to apply it to make the Law of Attraction truly work the magic in your life.


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Alchemy of Being Gracious