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Unique Individually crafted wand!

Handmade by a Sage & Sanctified by a Sharman

This beautiful wand is a one-off design that will not be found elsewhere. It has been carefully crafted to enhance the appeal of the natural wood grain and to maintain the balance of the wand.

Made from driftwood from Victoria’s Golden Triangle district, sealed and waxed it is embedded with a natural Amethyst crystal point with another amethyst at the base of the wand to draw in more energy, a feather, leather and hemp fibre wrapped. It possesses all the charm of the 'Old Ways".

Wunderfol wands gather and direct energy. This wand comes with an incantation Blessing and Consecration Ritual for you to activate Your wand

Length approx. Length 41cm


Amethyst embodies the Violet Flame, using its healing power on all levels. R
elieves stress, brings calm & contentment. Motivates one to reach goals, instils focus. Promotes spirituality and
wisdom. Relieves insomnia and nightmares. Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and contentment, it bestows stability, strength, inner peace. It is a great stone for meditation and enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities with its calming and peaceful energy. It provides clarity and enhances conscious perception & understanding. Also a well known healer that has profound effects in balancing the crown chakra. If you are feeling out of sorts, or blocked, short sessions with an Amethyst, promotes refresh, alert, & back in control feelings.
Healing: Assists in calming the mind, reduces insomnia and allows restful sleep, reduces stress, eases headaches, helps with hormone production, strengthens the immune system, cleansing organs and respiratory system, reduces bruising and swelling. Assists in the function of the pineal and pituitary glands.

Meditation & Spirituality

Highly useful in meditation and one of the most effective as it calms and soothes emotions. Amethyst works on the emotional, physical and spiritual planes to promote calmness, balance and peace. Helping you to ‘switch off’ negative and disruptive thought patterns, this stone can aid meditation practices and support deep restful sleep. By opening and activating the crown and third eye chakras amethyst can enhance intuitive and psychic powers, connecting you on a deeper level with your spirituality. Also a wonderful talisman for use in the creative arts. If you paint, draw, sculpt, write, or create in any way, Amethyst aides in focus and amplifies the creative elements of the Universal Life Force


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Amethyst Handmade Wicca Wand with 2 Crystals