Within YOU resides more than you realise. Escape the frequency clutter and reconnect with your Original Codes. We at Wunderfol provide high vibrational products globally to awaken and restore the Divine already inherent within You​

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Eggs- This shape represents our essence and/or where we come from. This can be used as a mirror to reflect and focus on our own inner self.   Egg shapes also contain energy that can find an imbalance within the body. These are also used as talismans of birth/ birth of an idea and fertility.


Aragonite increases energy, boosts self-confidence and feelings of self-worth as you learn to place trust in yourself. A wonderful stone for parents and people in tense relationships that test the nerves, aragonite relieves stress, emotional fatigue and anger, bringing patience when it is needed most.The Egg Shape can be used to detect blockages in the body and re-balance them. The end with a more refined point is often used for reflexology and acupressure and can be held in the hands as comforters in time of stress.

Height Approx 60mm


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Aragonite Egg

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