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Benefits of Lucid Dreaming - Be in Control of Your Dreams and Your Life

by Termina Ashton


An event transpiring in a world belonging to the mind when the objective senses, or the waking mind, has withdrawn to rest is where the subjective mind, the spiritual, the essence of a person can develop conditions that enables the waking person to shape their actions by guidance or warnings, to aid in making life a perfect existence.

Fantastic, bizarre, and even inconceivable things regularly occur in dreams; however, most people do not realise that there are explanations for their dreaming, nor do they realise that they can be in control of the results.

Occasionally, dreamers can realise the explanations for the occurrences playing out in their dreams; and some as a result understand the term lucid dreaming. They are empowered by the knowledge that the domain they are experiencing is a production of their own imagination, and these lucid dreamers may consciously determine the outcome of their dreams. They create and metamorphose objects, individuals, situations, worlds, and even themselves. By the measures of the familiar world of physical and social reality, they can do the inconceivable.

The domain of lucid dreams supplies a more immense stage, greater experiences, than average life for almost anything conceivable, from the frivolous to the sublime. You may, if you chose, enjoy an unworldly festival, zoom to the stars, or visit mystical lands. You may join those who are trying out lucid dreaming as a tool for problem resolution, self-healing, and personal maturation. Or you may research the implications of teachings from ancient customs and accounts from modern psychologists that indicate that lucid dreams may help you discover your deepest identity-who you truly are. 


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Benefits of Lucid Dreaming - Be in Control of Your Dreams and Your Life