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Lufu Divine Creations- Chakra Oil and Crystal Kit

Awaken, balance and regulate your energy centres, the chakras


The chakra system needs to function well and in balance. When one chakra is misaligned, then the bodily system won’t operate properly, until all are re-balanced. If one is higher in vibration, is too open or sluggish, due to emotional blockages, then they all need to be re-aligned and balanced to bring them all back into equilibrium.

Essential oils influence the frequency of the chakras, by energizing, calming or balancing them.

Just as colour, sound healing and crystals have a certain resonance with the Chakras, so do different plants. Essential oils are the essence of plants and can be used to help balance the chakras.

Our pure essential oils are mindfully produced, and anointed with sacred intention to support the health of your energy system. You can place these oils by using the roll on bottles on each of the seven chakras or choose one for a particular energy center that is blocked or imbalanced.


Crown Chakra - Divine

Seat of the soul. Major energy center. Top of the head, upper brain. Nurturing and protective. Increases blood flow to the brain and sympathetic nervous system. Assists in relief of headaches, high blood pressure, chronic tiredness and nervous breakdown. Also calms violent and aggressive behaviour. Represents infinity.  Once Chakra is awakened, one opens to Divine wisdom, enabling a state of connectedness with the universe; a state of bliss or rapture.


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Crown Chakra Oil and Crystal Kit

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