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Festival of the Imagination – You Are the Creator!

by Termina Ashton


Festival of the Imagination is a message for the unidentified person. It contains essentials for thoughts and teachings of our imagination also revealing the impact upon mind, and how it profoundly affects us. Included throughout this book is a system to aid in illuminating and activating so that the reader may unlock and begin to radiate their own unique energy signature.

Within everyone there contains a giant of possibilities. Everyone CAN see their ideas and desires come into fruition. And everyone CAN unlock their own unique energy signature.

IMAGINE... That you have just uncovered a mystery and the secrets contained within give you clarity and you say goodbye to confusion, frustration or hardship.

There is an easy formula in attaining your goals or desires in any or all areas of life you choose. Do you want success, good health, great relationships, laughter, love or simply a better tomorrow? You do not have to wait for this to unfold. You really can have, be, do what you choose, it exists and is awaiting your return. Like magic, we CAN create the experiences we want, and it begins with re-discovering something that has been masked by patterns. When we understand the disguises, beacons, and the power of introspection we place ourselves in a position to reset our outcomes and bring into our experiences whatever we desire. The sleeping giant is our imagination and more importantly imagination IS a crucial ingredient to living the life we truly want when we know how it is used.

We are the Inventors of Our Experiences: Imagination IS Everything!


Unlimited You!


You deserve Abundance!

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"Termina has a lot of experience, insights and wisdom to offer.  She shares the concept of using one of our greatest faculties that can contribute to positive change; the use of our imagination. As you read this brilliant book allow yourself to be open to the ideas. Go ahead and put these wise ideas into practice and watch your life change in the most glorious ways."  - Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author  


It has been difficult at best, to find a book like this I keep a watchful eye on much that many best selling authors have to offer and have done so for a decade. Sadly I see that most of the time they are all offering the same thing in different colours or wording. And they are offering to a group who is pleased with what I call "lower desires" or "lower goals". They appeal to a larger market, larger crowd I grasp that. But once one has grown passed the crowd, where then do they find any fresh, new and more inline with these higher desires, material? Termina has reached all of these with this book. I am surprisingly pleased. And I never say such things if they are not genuine. She has become one of my favourite authors now, which makes the total 2! Not a joke. I have been so unimpressed with all the repeat information, always pointing me at the pretty lights (illusion) that only serve to bore these days. I usually will not write a review, so that I do not belittle someone's work. All work serves someone. Anyway. If you are ready, this will become your favourite book. If you are ready.  - Amazon Customer Review


"I recently just finished reading Festival of the Imagination and I have to admit, there has been a weight lifted tremendously off my chest. I wake up everyday feeling alive and ready to start the day! I feel like I have uncovered a mystery about myself and can finally start living again!" - Ryan P Friedman

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for uplifting and enlightening me in the right sense. I always lacked self-confidence but after reading the book, I feel truly inspired. Your views on using inner energy for greater goals are simply amazing. I feel alive and have eliminated frustrations from my life forever. Thanks again!!” - Jenny Mirvac

"Thank you for changing my life with this amazing book. I finally have clarity after clearing my mind and have no longer felt the frustration that was once there. I would recommend this book to anyone who is going through something emotional, feels lost, or needs help with guidance." - Dave Hood

“The principles, laws, secrets and ideas listed in “Festival of the Imagination” is everything one really needs to use and apply into their lives. It encourages you to live a happy and content life. After reading the book you'll understand the true power of self-introspection, imagination and leading a life that you've always wanted for yourself.”  - Jacinta A.

"I absolutely love this book. Not only has it opened my mind, heart, and soul but it’s also a great gift to give someone who needs some light in their life. I was feeling insecure and battling some inner doubts but this book really helped me turn it all around. I have rediscovered who I am because of Festival of the Imagination." Jo Elphick


"A brilliant insight in the workings of the mind. Termina Ashton initiates the process in a way that stirs us into awareness and finding out who we truly are." - R. Westwood

"Festival of the Imagination is incredible! It has helped me to awaken my inner self and find what has been lost for so long. Imagining and defining deep down, I have been so much happier and have more energy after finishing this book. 5 stars for a wonderful piece!" - Steff​​


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Festival of the Imagination – You Are the Creator!