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Good Health Crystal Wish Kit

Harness the power of crystals to help make all your wishes come true.


Your Kit contains:-

Bloodstone – A physically healing stone that gives strength and stamina. Assists with cleansing, healing and regeneration.

Carnelian – This is a re-vitalising stone that promotes optimism and motivation. Increases mental and physical energy.

Clear quartz – Emotionally balancing and dispels negativity. It is a purifying and healing stone that promotes energy.


Keep Your Wish Kit near you: In your pocket, bag or wallet. Place near you when you go to bed, on the bedside drawer or under your pillow. Where ever you choose to your crystals, enjoy and may all your wishes come true.


Included in this kit: the Crystals, an Organza & Ribbon Bag (Colour may vary) and a list of the Crystals with beneficial properties. *Please note: All crystals are individual and uniquely special, from time to time, the Crystals in the Kit may vary slightly, in shape and colour


We offer 12 powerful Wish Kits, each containing three crystals with the frequency to assist in gaining Your outcome. More Kits



GOOD HEALTH Crystal Wish Kit

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