Within YOU resides more than you realise. Escape the frequency clutter and reconnect with your Original Codes. We at Wunderfol provide high vibrational products globally to awaken and restore the Divine already inherent within You​

Where One Feels Significant & Unlimited

Gypsum creates mental calming and an understanding of thoughts so one may move forward with focus and clarity.Gypsum sets an energetic foundation for creativity and innovative use of materials. HEALING: Gypsum fosters energetic support for bone strength and growth.


Protection & Balance brings self confidence, the stone of self control promotes personal strength, vigor and stamina.  Black onyx, like all black stones, is grounding and protective, bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. It aids in centering & stabilizing physical energy. Onyx is also said to overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart. It heals inner anger, inviting love and the courage to start again making it useful for any kind of emotional trauma. Onyx is the strength giving stone. It provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances and during times of enormous mental or physical stress. Onyx can boost your self-confidence and is an excellent stone to carry into conflict situations where a cool head is needed. Onyx id used to stimulant intuitive powers. It is highly effective when enhancing spiritual vision. place on the nightstand to protect against nightmares and fears of the dark.

Approx 110x180x80mm


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We also offer 29 powerful Crystal Kits, each containing four crystals with the frequency to assist in gaining Your desired outcome. More Kits


Gypsum in Onyx Cluster