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Heal Yourself - Guide & Index to Healing & Increase with Crystals

by Maxx Well, Termina Bee Ankh ah


Over numerous years our clients have asked for guidance as to what crystal they should use for their circumstance, therefore, we collaborated in creating a useful guide for others to do their own quick cross-referencing rather than going through lists of crystals to find a matching ailment, and this has come to fruition in this guide before you. This concise book is a compilation of conditions with reference to ideal crystals you can use for healing, transmuting and balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual body. This guide is treasured by many and has become a companion for healing and increase to all our readers.

There are hundreds of crystals and minerals that exist on our earth, and numerous precious stones that are very rare that can be quite costly. Therefore, for anyone to have the opportunity in attaining wellness, balance and increase, we have included stones that are freely accessible, easy to attain and inexpensive.

           You have the power to heal and transmute unwanted energy and frequency that does not serve your abundance. Crystals are your companion to assist you along the way and this is your guide to collaborate with your companion. We wish you and others complete and harmonious wellness.




The Magical Power of Crystals

Powerful Psychic Energy Tools

How do Crystals Manifest

Crystal Mysteries

Crystals Types

Dyed and Synthetic Stones

Crystal Shapes and Structures

How Crystals Work

Getting to Know Your Crystal.

Cleansing Crystals

Fatigued Crystals

Programming Your Crystals

Making the Most of Your Crystal


Traditional Birth Signs

Complementary Stones For your Birth Sign

Chakra Healing & Alignment

Invoking Angels

Crystal Elixirs or Potions

A to Z Condition and Crystal Index


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