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Heal Yourself- Guide & Index to Healing & Increase with Plants, Trees & Flowers

By Ashton-Hood

Including an A-Z of herbal remedies

"Illness or Dis-ease is caused by violating the laws of health and the result of violating nature's laws. Nature will restore vigor and strength in their sleeping hours if her laws are not violated."

Herbs, trees and flowers have been used as remedies for thousands of years, the first herbal healing book attributed to the Chinese Red Emperor around 2,400BC, forms a basis for Chinese medicine today. Plants and trees are the medicine of choice for fostering wellness and addressing the root of chronic health problems.

They have the potential to be remarkably effective, but they need to be used responsibly.

All plants and trees are categorized as "specifics" or "tonics". Specifics target a particular symptom, such as valerian taken for insomnia. They are usually taken only for short times or when symptoms occur. A tonic works on the whole body or organ, for example, ginseng slowly strengthens the immune system. Tonics are taken long-term, sometimes with breaks. Some herbs have both specific and tonic properties. Therefore, knowing the properties and outcomes for herbs is necessary when choosing herbal remedies.

Over numerous years our clients have asked for guidance as to what herb they should use for their circumstance, therefore, we, decided to create a useful guide for others to do their own cross-referencing, and this has come to fruition in this book before you. This concise book is a compilation of uses for herbs, flowers, trees, barks and more, including remedies and how to use them, many from historical traditions. It also has an A-Z Index that enables quick cross-reference of conditions, ailments, and emotions with reference to the ideal herbs you can use to heal & balance the physical, emotional and spiritual body, as well as transmuting dense energy, and more. This guide is treasured by many and has become a healing companion to all our readers.

There are hundreds of herbs, trees and flowers that exist on our earth, some very rare that can be quite difficult to obtain. Therefore, for anyone to have the opportunity in attaining wellness, balance, and increase, we have included many that are freely accessible, and easy to attain. Also added are old-time practices handed down from generations, including some from our great grandparents, that work well in modern times. You have the power to heal and transmute unwanted energy that does not serve your health and abundance. The natural world is your companion to assist you along the way and this is your guide to collaborate with your companion. We wish you and others complete and harmonious wellness.


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Heal Yourself- Guide & Index to Healing & Increase with Plants, Trees & Flowers