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Interacting with the Invisible - Unify Your 4 Bodies

By Termina

Are there false truths and has our thinking been altered? The answers are summoned in this book from a desire to know from the most Inner part of ourself and to give testimony to an experience I had years ago, known as an out of body experience during a time of intense physical pain. This was the first but not the last and triggered an interest in the correlation to physical and nonphysical Self. At the forefront for this writing is our right to know that now and always, the individual human has a total of four bodies and without either, they cannot exist as a physical life. Each of the four bodies is no secret; they are the Physical, Emotional, Mental and the Spiritual Body. What is not commonly known is that each of these bodies is on its own spiritual journey and that each must integrate with the others for us to reach our unique Souls purpose in this life. When we learn to interact with, nurture and honour the needs of ALL four of our bodies, this is the beginning to our path of Awakening. After this we integrate connection between the bodies and finally... Ascension arrives.


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