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Living in Two Worlds Guide for Out of Body Travel in the Astral Parent World

By Termina

The phenomenon of out-of-body experience or astral travel is accessible to absolutely everyone, regardless of experience, or culture. It has been studied by many over the years and for those who have practiced soon learn that we all can easily master it and apply it effectively.

This book is beneficial for beginners, as well as those who already know what it feels like to have an out-of-body encounter. Regardless of the amount of experience, this is a guide to entering the state, and equally dedicated to showing how to control it. On average, results can be reached in less than a week and often, with the application of the techniques a couple of attempts is all that is required to reach a state that many have desired to experience. Welcome to your new experience of a parallel reality and the possibility of existing in two worlds.

In this state we are aware of ourselves, our senses and the existence, our bodies are at ease, yet we see, hear, propel about, feel and smell more than we could possibly imagine. We can have full control over the characters, narrative, and environment. This can be more than escapist fantasy; it is an alternate reality.

Astral travel is a way of making the most of our finite stock of time to be alive, with adventures and lessons that enrich the rest of our lifetime that are waiting to be experienced. When we practice this state, it's as though our lives are multiplied, we can experience many lives. We can touch and behold anything, walk and fly, eat, drink, feel pain, pleasure, and much more. The astral life can have more realism, clarity and freedom; and the reality of daily life can become mundane.

Astral travel holds greater opportunity. In this reality, you can travel the Earth, the Universe, and through time itself. You can meet any person: friends, family, the deceased, celebrities and other life forms. You can also derive knowledge that can be helpful towards improving your daily life. You can experience your secret desires and develop your creativity. You can do the inconceivable in this immense stage, with greater experiences, where almost anything is conceivable. You can create and metamorphosise objects, individuals, situations, worlds, and even yourself; enjoy an unworldly festival, experience ancient worlds, zoom to the stars, or visit mystical lands. You may join others in their travels or use this as a tool for problem resolution, self-healing, and personal maturation. These are just the tip of the iceberg when the phenomenon is practiced. Those with physical impairments can release themselves from constraints and experience altered realities that is void of the lack they live within the physical world.

This state of travel does not take months, nor years, to achieve, disregard this myth. The mind is developed by exercise just as the muscles of the body. The mind also receives education from communing with the astral realms. The more these are cultivated by practice and drawing from the parent world, the more knowledge or power our minds take on.  The techniques in this book are the result of many years of experimental research and practice.  It can be a way for you to discover your deepest identity-your purpose toachieve a fuller life experience. Your only requirement is to follow the simple instructions, exactly and carefully as you can. Then, you too can live in and experience two worlds.


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Living in Two Worlds Guide for Out of Body Travel in the Astral Parent World