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Medwin's Room - First Edition

by Termina Ashton


Medwin's Room by Termina Ashton is a phenomenally fun fantasy read for the entire family mixing myth with larger than life imagination where pickwicks and snotlings roam free, doors hold conversations and a whole world is made of candy. On holiday, a single mother with two fearless kids in tow falls head over heels in love with an old house. Captivated with its design, she purchases it on a whim and has no idea what she is getting her family into--only to discover it holds unbelievable secrets. Behind every door lies an abstract world of wonder where the family must use their wits and work together to unlock the riddle and rescue the home's former owner, Medwin Rune.


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"Snotlings, pickwicks and colbies inhabit a magical world created by author Termina Ashton in her children’s book called Medwins Room."

"A ’riveting magical journey’ and a ’fast-paced family story’, Termina Ashton has elements of mystery, intrigue and family values woven in themes of enchantment in Medwin's Room"

​" Author Termina Ashton is Australias answer to Blyton and Rowling blended together."​​​


" Wildly imaginative and superbly entertaining, Medwin’s Room offers an uplifting journey for children and adults alike."

“The first in a series of three books, Medwin’s Room by Termina Ashton is a fast-paced, magical adventure where dreams become a reality and the impossible is made possible”www.prweb.com


"This timeless fantasy filled with magic, wild creatures and other-worldly dimensions mixes myths with larger than life imagination and gives rise to a wild adventure of hide and seek."​


"In the book, Medwin’s Room the author playfully combines myth with real-life experience and creates a brilliantly illustrative and colourful read. Readers can escape to a place where doors talk and creatures like Pickwicks, Snotlings and Coblies roam free, yet remain grounded by the love, determination, and commitment of a family."


​"For several hours I was captivated and drawn into the visual imagery this Author portrayed through her words. Words that literally leapt out of the pages to plant themselves into my imagination. I not only read what was in front of me, it played out in my mind like a movie. I stumbled across ’Medwin’s Room’ when I read a newspaper article that compared the Author to Enid Blyton. Now I’m an Enid Blyton fan from way back. I can happily recall many, many, hours snuggled up with my worn copies of ’Adventures of the Wishing Chair’ and ’The Magic Faraway Tree’ series. Fantasy adventures that captivated my imagination and even spawned a whole family of imaginary creatures that resided in the headboard of my younger sister’s bed. In fact if Mr Giant forgot to say goodnight to her; a good time was NOT had by all! Eager to rekindle those happier childhood memories I promptly purchased the book and eagerly awaited its arrival. I was not disappointed. ’Medwin’s Room’ is the first book in a three part series. With every read I discover something new and for that period of time, I’m no longer a 45 year old woman with the daily trials and tribulations of life: I’m that young girl, snuggled up with my favourite book, experiencing the adventure of a lifetime, written by a true story teller. Whilst on holidays with her two children Jade and Mickey, Therese Jarrod is drawn to purchase a very unusual house. Calling on the help of her brother Simon, Therese begins renovations which (in ways I’m not about to disclose) bring the house to life. From there on this magical, fanciful adventure, filled with creatures like Snotlings, Pickwicks, Coblies and Sylphs to name but a few, will captivate and enchant you. Behind each doorway within the house lies a world of wonder where the family must enter and work together in order to obtain a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, which when completed, promises to reveal the location of the homes previous owner, ’Medwin Rune’. We are told he remains trapped in another dimension.There are 22 chapters in the first book and 8 magical worlds, including my personal favourites: Prehistoric Waters, Silent Movies and The Game of Life. This book is not simply a tale of wonder and adventure, but portrays in a delightful way the morals, strength and commitment of a pretty cool family who choose to believe in the unbelievable. I highly recommend it for kids of all ages - especially us big kids."


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Medwin's Room - First Edition - Signed Copy