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Holds most of the information in the crystal world. It is an emotional stress relieving stone, reduces negative energies and stress out of our system. Used for its Soothing and Spiritual properties. This is a stone that brings good fortune. Healing properties of Milky Quartz are numerous.

· An emotional stress relieving stone reduces negative energies and stress out of your system.

· Increases self-confidence and enhances public speaking skills

· Amplifies wisdom and sharpens the mind.

· It will help memorize things quickly, boosts knowledge and listening ability

· Aligns all chakras, it is a great meditation stone

· Balances hormonal growth in the body, a light crystal to sway away from the internal diseases

· Protects against radiations of sun and chemicals.

· Gives joy and confidence, Compassion, Growth and Information

· Often used for purification on spiritual and other levels.

· Particularly beneficial for the immune system

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Milky Quartz Chip Necklace

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