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Also known as White Wisdom Quartz, Snow Quartz or Majestic Quartz. Milky Quartz that holds the majority of information in the crystal world. It is an emotional stress relieving stone, it will reduce negative energies and stress out of your system for sure. Milky Quartz healing properties amplifies wisdom and sharpens the mind.

Healing properties of Milky Quartz are numerous.

· It is an emotional stress relieving stone, it will reduce negative energies and stress out of your system for sure.

· Increases self-confidence and enhances public speaking skills

· Amplifies wisdom and sharpens the mind.

· It will help memorize things quickly

· Aligns all chakras, it is a great meditation stone

· It boosts knowledge and listening ability

· Balances the hormonal growth in the body, it is a light crystal to sway away from the internal diseases in human body.

· Has the healing property to protect against radiations of sun and chemicals.

· It gives joy and confidence, Compassion, Nurture, Growth and Information


Scientists have recently discovered a way of storing terabytes of information in a single bubble within the milky quartz, so think just how much information is packed into these crystals! This information is constantly being released, and in some cases, gathered up as well. When these beautiful crystals come in contact with the right guardian, it triggers a large release of information into the ethers. This information is then released into the general Consciousness. Often crystals going through this process will visibly become clearer. These crystals tend to be gatherers of information as well, so don’t be surprised if you have milky crystals that fluctuate between becoming clear, and milky again. They are literally breathing in and out in their own cycle of life.

These Crystals are a key part of upgrading the human consciousness pool. They need to spread around the planet now in order to release their ancient Angelic wisdom, so that it may permeate through human consciousness into the general population. It matters not that we do not necessarily know the meaning and details of this information being released. The important part is that the information is being released in the first place! The crystals themselves know and regulate the information released by the vibration of their surroundings. By this I do not mean the room or house they reside in, but rather the whole neighborhood, communication networks, cell sites, TV stations and such. They actively monitor every vibration they are exposed to and will respond with preset instructions keyed into them by the Angelic realm.

These crystals are far from one trick ponies and have many other abilities as well! Do not worry that you may be taking them away from their key (re-keying) duties as they are more than capable of multi-tasking. In fact, using these crystals for multiple purposes will increase their energy and thus range of effectiveness.

Milky quartz is occasionally associated with gold in hydrothermal veins. Prospectors searching for gold laden ore look for outcrops of milky white quartz veins. Many of the most beautiful gold specimens are the ones that have the lacy gold extruding from the pure white milky quartz. Other attractive associations with milky quartz include those with rhodochrosite, fluorite, calcite, galena, pyrite, elbaite, micas and many many others.

Approx L 120 H 60 W 100mm


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Milky Quartz Cluster 120mm