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Where One Feels Significant & Unlimited

Known variously as Shaman Stones, they are among the most energetic on earth. The major properties are: cleansing, relaxation, and being able to provide great boost to meditation and astral travel. The stones are both grounding and energizing. Useful in connecting with one’s animal guides, and in providing psychic protection. They also help with the purification of negative energies. Use on the third eye is said to enhance psychic abilities. They have been used for centuries by spiritual tribal members (Shaman) and other mystics. They are considered sacred among the sages of many ancient tribes. 

​​​​1 Moqui Ball

Approx 30 - 50mm


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Tumbled Crystals


Harness the power of crystals to help you in wellness, balance, cleansing & joy. No Crystal or Gemstone is alike, each have a different frequency and its own its own unique lines, therefore all are different in shape and colour tone. If you have any questions or special requests, we're happy to look into them further, just let us know in the contact us section!


Whether it’s a gift for that special someone or you're wanting to work with a crystal because you're feeling really drawn to it. From amethysts to zeolites we have you covered. More Crystals & Gemstones 

Mocqui Balls - Shaman Stones