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Mr T.B. and Friends

by Termina Ashton

Welcome to the world of Mr. Toothbrush, nicknamed Mr. T.B. by all his friends.

Mr. T.B. knows a lot about Dental Care. He teaches his friend and owner Jacey why and how to care for her teeth.

He also has many helpful friends who live and work at his home, the bathroom.

Now sit back, relax and let Mr. T.B. tell you about a day in his life.


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"I must say thank you to Termina Ashton, my son has made his toothbrush his friend, looks after it and visits it in the morning and before he goes to bed. Termina has a way of putting fun into a chore." 

" I highly recommend Mr T.B. This is a treat for young ones and parents. My son loves brushing his teeth now and looks after his toothbrush to keep it healthy."

"I picked this up for my granddaughter. This is an easy read and she loves the pictures. I like buying a book children will pick up and look at by themselves and be able to enjoy it and the added bonus of teaching good habits."

"My daughter loves it. She really responded to it and I am happily surprised as to how well it has engaged her with brushing her teeth and looking after her toothbrush and she has fun doing it."


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Mr T.B. and Friends

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