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Non-Verbal ALCHEMY - Understand Hidden Communication

by Termina Ashton


Also comes with a Free eBook - A to Z Dictionary of Gestures and Non-Verbal Cues


When we are fortunate enough to discover truth of alchemical practices and obstruction of time, we can put this evidence into practice. Why? Because truth can and will only take us to a better life experience and help us attain long awaited desires.

Alchemical practices have been used on us from the moment of birth and during our early development we were influenced with conditioned reasoning, beliefs and language. These verbal and non-verbal programs have been stored in our subconscious mind to involuntary drive our present outer results, and more importantly our life results; and for many they have been left to feel unwanted emotions, along with unfulfilled goals, goals that seem out of reach. 

During one basketball game a sports commentator stated, "Air Jordan used a little Body English to coax that ball into the hoop as he released the free throw.” What he meant by this is that the player, Michael Jordan, moved his hips sideways, as if using mind control, so that the ball will go through the basket.  And it did.

Body English is a powerful process we can apply in order to bring desired results in a life. Whether consciously or unconsciously body English is just one of the multiple of examples of Non- verbal alchemy that we do anyway. When we learn to harness our already inherent powers and use it consciously we can make magic happen.

Non-verbal communication accounts for 55% of our overall expression, ‘actions DO speak louder than words” and non-verbal language is the literal connection to this statement. Non- verbal alchemy is available to us inherently and naturally. All we need do is to know how to decode the hidden communication and develop this inherent skill to its fullest potential.

By learning this knowledge, you get to see what other people cannot. Its like x-ray vision to secret thoughts, even a way to discover hidden suppresions within yourself, such as; what is holding you back and why you have unwanted results in your life. This knowledge and practice contained within this book can magically manifest great results into our lives especially when we clear involuntary response templates and replace them with ones that serve us well.

What you will learn from this book will be beneficial to you in every activity you engage in. Use this book as a reference to aid others, but more importantly for yourself. Use the knowledge to unveil your subconscious blocks, or the conditioned beliefs that interfere with attaining a life you desire. A better life experience awaits you. You ARE the Alchemist.


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Non-Verbal ALCHEMY - Understand Hidden Communication- eBook

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