Within YOU resides more than you realise. Escape the frequency clutter and reconnect with your Original Codes. We at Wunderfol provide high vibrational products globally to awaken and restore the Divine already inherent within You​

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The Back of the giftbox reads as follow's;

About Your Divine Angel

Angels are messengers from the higher realm, ready to provide us with emotional reassurances and spiritual guidance. Carved angels help us connect with our own guardian angels who guard and protect us in all that we ask. Each angel is carved from natural gemstone and each has its unique pattern and colour.


Opalite helps with alleviating symptoms of depression, soothe nerves and stabilise mood swings. Ideally placed on a bedside table, it can provide comfort and reassurance throughout the night.A subtle yet highly energetic stone. It is the ideal stone for meditation. Opalite improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual. Emotionally, Opalite helps by assisting during transitions of all kinds. It engenders persistence and gives us strength in verbalising our hidden feelings.

Boxed gift. (approximate height of angel is 5cm.)


How to Evoke Angels with Crystals


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Opalite Divine Angel Boxed Gift