Within YOU resides more than you realise. Escape the frequency clutter and reconnect with your Original Codes. We at Wunderfol provide high vibrational products globally to awaken and restore the Divine already inherent within You​

Where One Feels Significant & Unlimited

A Unique kit for YOU and your Environment


In collaboration and working closely with the Spiritual Guides our experts  at Andina Patrk have brought together this incredible compound, therefore, we are able to offer Cleansing and Protection kits that are not only AUTHENTIC they can transmute dense, dark energies to create balance and positive energy flow for you, your environment, as well as others around you.

This powerful combination, channelled through Ancient practices have been used to reverse misfortune and cleanse any negative energy, negative spells, or energy presence that affects others from enjoying harmony in their life.

Inclusions in this sacred kit combines healing, sanctification and of course protection from dense energy along with an added bonuses of I Ching application, prosperous activations and postive frequency flow tips. Collectively we as well as other forces have created unintended energy in the environment. This has left many with lack, loss, scarcity and fear. Our kits work in transmuting fragments that do not serve you and to remove the energetic filters that distort your life, replacing it with higher vibrational strengths.

1 x Instructions for transmuting and success activation
1 x   Sanctified Organic White Sage Smudge Stick
1 x Pack of Hallowed Organic Ancient Herb Blend of Rosemary, Spear Herb,

Genus Pinaceae, Bay Leaf and more...
1 x Pack of Sanctified Salt
1 x Spear Herb Candle
1 x Activated Crystal
1 x Shell bowl
1 x Kins Domain Sanctified Protection Pod
1 x I Ching Activation and Instructions
1 x Positive Frequency Flow Tips
1 x Tubes of Cleansing Technique
1 x Hands of Qi Technique


Smudging, Activation and Protection kit

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