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Golden Chinese Metal Card Talisman to Attract Money

This wealth enhancement talisman is a powerful cure and enhancer for welcoming new wealth and finances into your home or office and also protecting existing wealth to ensure that the bearer of this card has as much wealth luck as possible.

This is a very little known Cure from thousands of years ago where the scripts were inscribed on a solid gold sheet. These inscriptions were very hard to get hold of back then and only been available to the very rich. Feng Shui Masters experimented with all different types of charms and deities over the years to discover the wealth god as one of the most effective cures when combined with these powerful scripts. This is considered as the ultimate wealth Cure.

Placement instructions

Keep this talisman with you as much as possible throughout 2019 in your wallet, purse, money clip, handbag, car, office, or home,

All of our products are cleansed of any negative energy that may have become present during production and are empowered with positive frequency

Size:8.4cm long x 5.4cm wide x 0.25mm thick

1 Talisman- God of Wealth


Talisman - God of Wealth

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