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You Can’t Pigeonhole Me - Life Under the Knife

By David M. Hood


Mind is malleable. Life experience is malleable. And though we think life is happening to us, it is happening for us. And therefore, for one to experience a victorious journey one must understand the process of the malleable mind.

In 1956 a young expectant mother, Jean Hood, travelled to a little country Hospital, in an outback town of Queensland, Australia. Upon seeing her newborn child David, and his physical deformities; and judging his survival rate to be extremely low, the hospital staff attempted to end his life by starvation and diarrhoea.

With nothing but a burning imagination for her son’s future life Jean used the law of Attraction and its core essence the law of Love to bring about a positive existence of life for her newborn son. Born with a deformity where his rib-cage protruded from the chest in a mangled mess with only a membrane of skin covering the heart. This was not to be the only hardship. The following years to adulthood also presented more health conditions and this baby grew to experience a life always on the brink of death.

This book is about one man’s triumphant journey of the malleable mind and how he was able to overcome unrelenting adversity and close calls to heaven’s gate by discovering an infinite power, that when understood and practiced brings conquest and a successful outcome; and an awakening to a new healthy life.


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